Lime Green Curtain Panels of S. Lichtenberg Kylee: Brighten up Your Room Instantly

Color can make a huge difference to the style of your bedroom. That’s to say, the same room would present entirely different result if you choose different colors as the base tone, matched with fitting accessories. As for easy methods to light your drab room up instantly, the window treatments seem the way to go, for example, choosing the lime green curtain panels of S. Lichtenberg Kylee. Most of the time, the green bright color would work magic to most of you.

lime green panel curtains

Main features of Kylee panel

S. Lichtenberg has large selection of curtains, among which the Kylee panel is one of its recent hit because of its great features.

  • It has two optional sizes – 54 by 63-inch and 54 by 84-inch, choosing the proper size according to your length of windows;
  • It fits well to decorative or continental curtain poles, and the installation is super easy;
  • It adopts the 100% polyester fabric, increasing the strength and durability.
  • It is machine washable, saving time, energy, and laundry soap.
  • It is made in China, which means cheaper in price but no at the expense of quality.

Color does matter

Since colors are so important, how would the manufacturer offer only one color choice? As a matter of fact, besides the bright green, there are other options, like purple, pink and sky. It is up to you to choose your favorite one. But anyone would be great for your room if making the right choice.

Since color creates an aura and influences mood. Imagine this, when you kids enter a green bath, a pleasing yellow kitchen, or lively white bedroom, the positive colors tend to lift your kids’ moods and make them feel energized instantly. Surely, your children going to love this place more.

However, re-decorating the room, to most of you, is the ordeal indeed. If you don’t want the fuss and think that a gentle nudge is enough, why not replace your old curtain with the lime green drapery panels? It is quite easy to handle, isn’t it? Of course, you can pick the colors that you love.

Benefits of these window panels

On top of the mood impact, it is really functional on a few of aspects.

  • Brighten your room up instantly, especially when the room is rather dark;
  • Block out the sunlight for perfect morning or noontime snooze. This especially makes sense for lazy boys and girls who love oversleeping in the morning.
  • The fabric is so thick for darkening the room but still appropriate light for reminding the coming of dawn;
  • Bring your space back to life but keep it mild and acceptable. Otherwise, blatant colors tend to irritate and upset.
  • Balance well between your privacy and the sunshine requirement. These aren’t blackout or sheer curtain panels. So they neither block out the light entirely nor let large amount of light come in. They are just in between;
  • It is thick enough for warding off the cold air and then keeping the room warm.

Where to buy these lime green panel curtains?

The best answer, definitely, is on In terms of buying anything on this largest online merchant, one thing is for sure – you will never be disappointed and leave empty-handed. Follow the choice made by vast majority of people and it won’t go wrong for you.

What are others saying?

Currently there are more than 20 buyers left their reviews about these lime green curtain panels, most of which are quite complimentary and positive. Some of them are as follows for your reference.

  • “These were perfect!”
  • “Recommend this product for any room!”
  • “Good quality especially for the price.”
  • “Very happy with them…”
  • “Will definitely order again.”
  • “Give these curtains five stars.”

By the way, this item is being sold in one panel per package, instead of in pair, which is part being mistaken very often. Please keep that in mind when shopping it. Interested in finding out more discount details and reviews about these lime green drapes? Click here now!

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