Maytex No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner Review

Finding a nice shower curtain liner used to be a difficult job to me until in the end I found this one – Maytex No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner. So I just can’t help recommending this one to you now if you were or are struggling in the similar situation just like I did before.

Maytex No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner

In the past few years, I keep changing those flimsy ones for my bathroom, which has a facing-north window. Probably because of that exact reason, my bathroom, of course including the shower curtain liners, tends to mold in damp weather. Once the liner gets lots of spots of mildew, it is extremely hard to remove them thoroughly. The wisest and only solution I could take, as you may know, is just throwing them away.

According to my “rich experience” on purchasing and using shower curtain liner, it seems that I can never get it right. Actually there is too much hype about these kinds of products out there. By the time I am ready to give up the idea of looking for a durable one, things turned out differently.

Now I don’t fret about this matter anymore – this is because recently I have found one that is of really high quality. If you have the same trouble with me, the Maytex Shower Curtain Liner would be my preferred recommendation, for sure.

Well let’s come back to the main topic – the Maytex Shower Curtain. See what Maytex Mills has said about their product:

  • 100% Vinyl;
  • Heavy-duty 10-gauge vinyl shower curtain liner;
  • Antibacterial, mildew-resistant materials; rustproof metal grommets;
  • Pairs nicely with any shower curtain to provide a waterproof barrier;
  • Can serve as a simple and understated shower curtain by itself;
  • 70 by 72 inches; wipes clean; available in White, Clear, Beige, and Frosty.

And sure enough Maytex Mills live up to their word – apparently the surface of No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner has undergone some kinds of mildew proofing treatment. So, the curtain won’t grow mildew stains any more due to moisture or dews are difficult to form on it although steam is full of the bathroom when having shower or bath.

Another extra credit I would like to give is its moderate weight – no more, no less. In other words, it is heavy enough to remain where it should stay when I am in the shower, but not to sway gently in the flow generated within the steam. So, the suction cups become redundant completely.

By the way, Maytex No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner ranks #60 in the amazon Best Sellers in Home & Kitchen. So, don’t miss it and try it out now!

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