Microfiber Curtain Panels by Maytex

Microfiber curtain panels are a recent hit in window treatments. As a matter of fact, these synthetic fibers are seldom used in drapes manufacturing not long ago. But once being launched to the market, it turns out that the customers’ reaction is very encouraging. Are you planning to have your bedroom redecorated in the near future? If so, these panels provided by Maytex is the one I bet you’ll love.

Maytex Micro Fiber Window 2-Pack Panels

First off, you might wonder what is on earth micro fiber, mightn’t you? Actually microfiber is a type of synthetic fabric mainly made from nylon or polyester. But it doesn’t mean that they are the same thing. As a relatively new material, it has been widely used since the Ultrasuede, the first commercial microfiber fabric, was launched by Dr. Toyohiko Hikota in the early 1970s. Actually the invented day of microfiber can be dated back even earlier to the late 1950s. Now, microfiber fabric is being used mainly for upholstery, apparel, industrial filters, and more. So, what on earth this fabric has got to make it so popular these days?

As its name implied, this fabric is woven by very tiny strands, which is normally no more than 1 denier. The strand can be even smaller, for example, and the one in 0.4μm diameter is only approximate 1/10 as thick as the real silk.

So what can micro fiber fabric bring to the curtain panels? Of course, it keeps all the benefits from this excellent material. Following are the main features that can result in better curtains.

  • Thanks to its great wicking property, it is capable of absorbing the water and draining them faster;
  • Due to it extremely tiny fiber fineness, its special cross section is able to capture dirt particles more efficiently;
  • Because of its stronger filament yarn, the fiber is so secured that it isn’t easy to shed;
  • Owing to the great strength and toughness of the superfine fiber, it is more durable than curtains made of normal materials.

A good fabric only doesn’t make the desirable curtains. Besides, Maytex adds extra values to this product. Where to buy these Maytex micro fiber window 2-pack panels for the best price? Here is a good news for you. Now on Amazon.com they are being sold at a very cheap price with discounts offered. Mind you, these are neither sheer nor blackout curtain. If you are looking for one that is light and thick, allowing reasonable light coming but still keeping due privacy, this is the right one for you.

By the way, these microfiber curtains, in size of 40-inch wide x 84-inch long each panel, are available in six colors, including black, red, bone, grey, chocolate, and olive. Click here for more customer reviews now!

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