Mildew Resistant Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Liner

It is not an easy job to find shower curtains that come with all the desirable features, such as mildew proof, heavy duty, machine washable, weighted magnets, reinforced metal grommets, cheap price, and so on. And the 70″ x 72″ heavy duty shower curtain liner by My Humble Abode is that one you are looking for.

mold resistant shower curtain

When it arrives to you, it may surprise you with its tidiness. Even more important, it has no acrid plastic odor which tends to come with on other similar items. The quality is superior and likely to last years to come. It takes only a few minutes to hang it up the bathroom and make it to work. If you dislike washing things, the machine washable features can definitely make you laugh. Mind you, never throw it in the dryer.

As the claim made by its provider of Humble Abode, it is truly antibacterial and mold resistant. If you ever used one of liner in the past, you will find that it would turn nasty really quickly. So, you have to keep wiping it clean all the time or the mold grows really fast. But this mildew resistant shower curtain liner is so different from them, and you don’t have to do that tedious and repetitive routine anymore because it won’t easily get mildew.

The reinforced metal grommets are another bonus by buying this DuraResist’s finest caliber liner. It is especially true for a playful boy who likes pull things with a lot of force. And the weighted magnets are another must-have feature if you hate to be clung to your legs during showering. In addition, the magnets can also help ward off the water spray so that your bathroom floor won’t be wet and become slippery.

The 100% Vinyl fabric used is thin and a little light in weight, which is one major cons reviewed by individual customer. However, the reviews from its other buyers seem quite opposite. More buyers think that this mildew free shower curtain liner is much thicker and more durable than those they bought before. So, take it with a pinch of salt and make your decision wisely.

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