Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner by Pinzon

Do you know a mildew resistant shower curtain liner sometimes can mean a lot to the health of you and your family? Trivial as it is, the shower curtain might not trivial for you, especially when some of your family members are sensitive to molds. To protect your family from molds, you have to find a really good one that is mold resistant. Try this Pinzon Basics mildew proof liner, and you will just appreciate it.

mildew proof shower curtain

According to the product description from Pinzon, this liner, in the size of 72″ wide x 72″ long, is made from EVA/PE blends in the ratio of 4/1. This type of material is not only mildew free but also environmentally friendly, which make it one of the best replacements for vinyl. It also features a dozen of anti-rusting metal grommets, which can make the poles and the rings stay away from rust, thus greatly increase their service life. Besides, the ingenious design of three magnets added is very impressive. They are attached along the bottom, which works like plummet to help the liner fall into place. Therefore, you don’t need to concern that the water would splash off to the floor from your bathtub.

Mold, as one of the most ancient species, has been there for more than millions of years. They grow in almost all corners of this planet as long as it is warm and humid enough. Bathroom is a place where there is always full of moisture. And mold loves places like that and grows rapidly on the fabric when in its element. When exposing to moldy environments, it might cause a variety of symptoms to your family, from normal conditions such as stuffy nose, skin rashes, and coughing, to severe health problems like pulmonary infections. If you are with low immunity or allergic, you have to be extremely careful to by all means avoid places where mold is likely to grow. However, you don’t need to panic, and this is exactly where the Pinzon Basics mildew proof shower curtain comes in. It has been processed to be antibacterial and anti-mildew. Find a good one online and put it up in your bathroom, it would keep your kids safe since although a lot of skin contacts have been made during bath.

This liner is also eco-friendly thanks to the green material it adopted. In case you are confused by the terminology listed, here are the brief introductions to them.

  • Both PEVA and EVA are environmentally friendly materials. However, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), the best and the most high-end item, is one of the food-grade products. It is odorless, soft, glossy, good draping, and with some degree of elasticity. It is regarded as one of the best shower curtain material, having the fantastic soft, leather-like hand and the excellent drapability;
  • PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) is a copolymer of PE and EVA. It is also environmentally friendly, soft, odorless, smooth, good hand-feel. The property of the PEVA is subject to the content of EVA – the more EVA contains, the softer it is;
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is not chlorine-free. So, it is not environment friendly product. It is odorous and may harm the ecology. Generally it needs plasticizer to make it more sturdy and durable. It has good transparency and is frequently used for shower liners.

Being a good liner, it needs to match well with the fabric shower curtains. Actually Pinzon offers three optional colors, white, clear, and frost, to meet your different color schemes. Have no ideas where to buy the no mildew shower curtain liner? To be honest, is always my preferred online seller. You can buy this liner there at a very cheap price currently. Click here for today’s price and more customers reviews now!

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