Minnie Mouse Shower Curtain under $10

Disney has always been the Holy Hand in the hearts of the children because there are a lot of cute cartoon characters there, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, dwarfs, and more. Are you planning to design a Disney themed bathroom for your kids? So, make your decoration complete with this Minnie Mouse shower curtain. The best part is that currently it costs less than 10 dollars. What a surprise gift it would be for your kids!

Disney Minnie Mouse fabric Shower Curtain

Measured 72-inch by 72-inch, namely 182.9 x 182.9 in centimeter, these Disney Minnie mouse curtains are made of polyester, featuring Disney Minnie Mouse with a big red bow on heads and a few love hearts. How about the quality? Well as far as genuine licensed merchandise by Disney concerned, apparently there is no basis for any such concern. What’s more, with an eye to make it fit well with most showers, it is designed to match standard rings for easy hanging. As a result, you don’t need to purchase shower rings in another size in order to fit this curtain. However, if you want it to be much more durable last for years to come, it is highly recommended to match it with a inside liner for the sake of protection purpose.

Kids love to have their own bathroom. It is important to pay more attention to their choices. This is simply because the tendency in your kids’ childhood would last in their all lives. Remind you once again – when you are providing your kid with a free room to grow up, at the same time please also focus on adding some healthy and progressive elements to that space. They would be more than happy if you dress their bathroom as a cartoon world. Let your children enjoy the pure time with these Minnie mouse shower curtains.

The typical practice is that you can paint a wall red if you are tired of the monotony of the white walls. And then hang some cartoon frames or favorite photos there, which as a result echo the Minnie Mouse shower curtain you have just chosen. Once that theme is completed with that amazing curtain, your kid’s bathroom would come to life instantly. Give it a try now if you want that happen your kids’ bathroom too!

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