Mona Lisa Beaded Curtain

Mona Lisa, the famous artwork by Leonardo da Vinci, is always the endless topic. A lot of people had done so much reviews and speculations, which however left only more and more mystery to us. Here I am not going to talk about the facts, information, and history about this painting. Nor am I interested in researching why this painting is so famous and why her engaging smile so mysterious. What I really care about is that I appreciate this picture and love to have it hung on my doorways or windows. If you feel the same way, the Mona Lisa beaded curtain 125 strands is something I want to share with you now.

bamboo beaded curtains for doors

Different from mass production of copies

Although this is a copy for commercial purpose only, the manufacturer still pays due respect to the famous painting itself and the consumers – unlike those copies completed by machines, they are hand painted bamboo beaded curtains. Taken in this sense, this is a piece of true artwork.

When you are at your leisure, you can sit back and quietly enjoy the Mona Lisa beaded door curtain – both the physical part and the painting on it. Actually, besides the figure, the item itself is also a work of art. Don’t you think so?

It’s all about quality

The quality, of course, covers both the product itself and the image on it.

In the first place, this is a 125-strand beaded curtain, which means you have to put about 4,000 pieces of bamboo beads (125 strands) into the narrow 36″ x 79″ area. As a matter of fact, the three numbers mentioned here involve one kind of optimization math problem – how many strands and bamboo beads are appropriate to manufacture the highest quality beaded curtains for doorways in the certain area of 36″ x 79″? There is a dilemma here – more strands lead to less details and density in the image; however less strands result in insecure structure. So, this is really hard to determine the proper number to give consideration to both ends. Luckily, the maker of ABeadedCurtain has solved the tricky problem perfectly and in the end the number of 125 stands out to them.

And the image quality is of equal importance. As mentioned above, the 125 option gives the Mona Lisa curtain a more vivid smile while not compromising the quality of the item. More importantly, you can view the art bamboo beaded curtain from both sides as the beads are painted fully.

Hanging hardware available

Another benefit worth emphasizing is that this product is provided with hanging hardware, which facilitates and simplify the whole process of putting up. Besides, the product is completely assembled already upon delivering to your doorstep.

What others are saying

Almost all buyers have given positive reviews to this item. At the time of this writing, it earns an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. That is really cool, right?

Here are some extracts to date from the reviews:

  • “It’s gorgeous and a much higher quality…”
  • “That is VERY cool…”
  • “Very well made and fun…”
  • “Worth every penny…”
  • “Fun way to replace a door…”

Where can I buy the painted bamboo beaded curtains

If you would like to buy the highest quality one online yet within a budget, Amazon is the best place you should try in the first place. Actually you can always find here the best deal for almost anything you want to purchase. Click here for more information about this mentioned item on Amazon now!

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