Monkey Shower Curtain by Saturday Knight

Kids just love jungle themed bathroom, especially the one featuring monkeys. To make your kids’ bathroom really a cool place, how can you neglect what a really nice monkey shower curtain can help you with? If you are still looking for decorating ideas everywhere, jungle themes seem the ideal choice that you just can’t go wrong with. It seems that kids simply love it for no reason.

shower curtains for kids

There are tons of monkey-themed shower curtains out there. They come in a variety of styles and versions, but the one I came across the other day did impressed me. Well, what I am talking about is the Monkey Town Vinyl Shower Curtain manufactured by Saturday Knight.

This is a very hilarious scene, in which a group of restlessly playful monkeys are swinging in the banana trees. According to statistics, children tend to prefer the picture featuring a troop of monkeys in the woods to the simple printed monkey faces. That makes sense to kids – the more they get together, the more good time they will have. Similarly, they would love to see many monkeys there, which make the bathtub much more inviting somehow.

Beside the funny pattern, this item is as popular by its own. It made of 100% vinyl, which these days is one of the most common choices in a lot of homes, motels, club, gymnasiums, and more. To be honest, vinyl is not as durable compared to other materials. But it has its own unique strengths, which often outweigh its drawbacks to most users. The most obvious benefits of vinyl is its affordability – typically it is available at a very low price. This is especially true to those on a tight budget. And you don’t have to cost an arm and a leg for redecorating a kids’ bathroom. Picking a vinyl one is always a good idea, let alone big discounts are usually given in most major online merchants.

Another benefit worth mentioned is its easy maintenance. Any regular ways will be just fine to get rid of all accumulations from this vinyl kids’ shower curtains, such as dust, stain, grease, and more. The cleaning process is really simple as well – tip a sponge into detergent and then wipe them off from the surface of it. By doing this it will turn into the one just newly bought.

Anyway, in terms of purchasing shower curtains for kids, you’d better to take all possible pros and cons into account before making any decision. So does this monkey shower curtain by Saturday Knight. If you really love it, why not give it a shot? The kids are usually hard to get into the tub, but the monkey friends seem good at this kind of job for you.

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