Montego Grommet Panel

Inspired by window decor magazines, or drawn simply by its stylish touch, you are still doing the right thing by picking the grommet curtains for your room decoration. No doubt this is a better choice and you don’t need to hesitate anymore. But apparently it is still too early to say that you have done with it. As you know, grommet curtain panels come in many different designs, colors, patterns, lengths, and fabrics. Want more window treatment ideas for reference? Well, why not give it a try on the Montego grommet panel curtain, especially when you are on a tight budget?

montego woven grommet top panel

The one talking about above is the S. Lichtenberg and Co. Montego curtain panel, which is made of 100% polyester, a type of machine washable synthetic fiber that is frequently used due to its excellent properties on lightweight, durability, strength, affordability, and easy care. What is important is that polyester has what it takes to make a quality drape – it is capable of keeping the panels in the right shape without too much maintenance. Fond as most designers are of polyester, it is still considered cheap and casual. Hence, for some important places like wedding room or living room you’d better choose some other luxurious fabrics like silk.

And Montego grommet panel is available with built-in eyelet grommets, which is designed mainly for easy hanging and trendy look. Just in case you are just new to home decor and have no idea about what is a grommet panel? Here are some basics for you. As the name implies, grommets, namely reinforced eyelets, are ready made at the top of the curtain in order to facilitate the sliding the panels off and onto the drapery rods. The main benefits of this design are the convenience, in particular when you need to close and open the curtains a lot. As a result, coverings alike are used frequently in sliding doors, living room windows, and French doors.

Mind you, these are by no means blackout drapes. They are too thin to block out all the light. If you allow a few lights to penetrate to the room during the entire day, this is for you. If you want a blackout, put blinds behind would be highly recommended. Except for that, they still darken your room quite nicely. Besides, more often than not they are wrinkled when delivering to your home. To remove the wrinkles, put them in the washer or dryer upon receipt would be the way to go for you.

You may not know that grommet window panels were costly not long ago. But now it is totally affordable. On the Montego grommet panel is available at a really low price. What’s more, they are available in two sizes, 48″ wide x 63″ long and 48″ wide x 84″ long each panel, and in a few different optional colors, such as mocha, rust, paprika, gold, taupe, and spruce. By the way, they are sold by one panel in a pack, not in pair as the usual way. So, please pay attention to that when you are ready to buy, especially when you conduct it online. Click here for today’s price now!

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