My Shower Curtain Sticks to Me

“Oh my, my shower curtain sticks to me again.” More often than not, probably you would cry out like that when the shower curtain “attacks” you during the shower. Maybe, you would begin to wonder: “Why does the shower curtain stick to me?” and try to find an easy solution for that. Have you got that answer yet? If you have no luck finding the satisfactory one, why not consider the curved shower rods? Here are some examples for your reference.

Before illustrating how these curved rods work for you, it is necessary to introduce you a little bit relevant theory at the first place. After some time and effort spent, I have come up with a popular, logical explanation – the hot or warm bath you love the most is the main culprit for this problem. Also better known as shower curtain effect in science, a lot of people ever got into that same trouble. So, you are not alone.

You can picture that your bathroom is a whole and the shower stall is an integral part of that. In this case, once the faucet is turned on, hot water is thus released. So does the heat. The local sealed space is heated and hot air begins to go up because it is lighter than cool air. As a result, cooler air sneaks in from beneath due to the pressure differential. In turn the air convection leads to the occurrence of wind, which is the direct cause for your blame. Indeed, wind is also one of your initial suspects for this phenomenon, isn’t it? Apparently, wind is not the primary trouble maker as you though but caught partly because you can feel them instinctively.

To keep shower curtain from blowing in to your shower, there are many workable tips and solutions out there. But choosing the curved shower rod is a better way to go. Compared to other alternative methods, this one can solve your headache once and for all. Besides of greatly enhancing the amount of room in your bathroom, the curved shower rods can give you the additional benefit – stop shower curtain billowing. Thanks to more distance, one quarter at least, it can keep you too far to be reached. Compared to its straight cousin, these specially designed rods are able to prevent shower curtain from clinging to you for good. As mentioned in the experiments conducted by Norma Vally, it showed that the curved shower rod can let the curtain stay away from the low pressure hub, which thus ceases the sucking effect and avoids the blow-in phenomenon.

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