Discount Nautica “Monterey Sail” Sailboats Shower Curtain

So, you are fed up with your boring bath decor now. In this case, it is time for you to make a difference and say goodbye to your grey, drab bathroom by this cool Nautica “Monterey Sail” sailboats shower curtain. This is a fabulous gift for you to embrace the arrival of the dynamic spring. As you have seen, this item is inspired by the sail boats sailing in Monterey Bay, a seaside Myrtle Beach destination.

nautical shower curtains

These amazing Nautica shower curtains, measuring 72-inch Wide by 72-inch long, feature Monterey sail navy. You will definitely be fond of it if you are one of nautical enthusiasts because this is a piece of exquisite workmanship. In order to balance between durability and comfort, the maker uses 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester as the fabric, which in turn makes it machine washable as well.

Once hanging this sailboat shower curtain in your bathroom, it can light your bathroom up immediately by the gorgeous ocean view. It is just as if you are standing on the top floor of the luxurious restaurant’s terrace and overlooking the entire Monterey Bay. There are a lot of parked sailings there. Good for you! You can enjoy the same beautiful Monterey Bay scene even in your home.

Home decor design requires constant innovations to keep abreast of the times. To make your bathroom a better place that you are willing to spend more time there, you need to put in some efforts and imagination. Traditional bathroom goes after simplicity and easy care. Contemporary bath decor instead tries to add more artistic touch to it. For example, this Nautica Monterey sail shower curtain can attract enough attentions from you and thus enhance your bathing experience to the next level.

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