Outhouses Shower Curtain

No matter what, the presence of outhouses shower curtain seems strange to a lot of people although they sometimes look pretty for their vintage outline. After all they refer to toilets outside the main house. Somehow with increasing popularity these days, outhouse themes are often used for decorating bathrooms. And some fanatics even build some dummy ones in yards to mimic the air in countryside. If you are fond of this particular theme, probably you would like these shower curtains with outhouses on them, which are designed by Linda Spivey, a top designer on this subject.

outhouse shower curtains sale

This item actually is one integral part of the whole outhouses line. Others include shower hooks, bath rug, bath towel, hand towel, soap dish, and toothbrush holder. It would be a good idea to buy them all if you prefer an outhouse-theme bathroom. With all those items in place, your bathroom will be the desirable one instantly.

Well, let’s get back to this 70″ x 70″ outhouse shower curtain. This size is suitable for the standard 60-inch bathtubs. The purpose of the extra 10″ in length is to give you a relatively loose, graceful drape. Besides, this is a fully functional product too. As you know, bathing is more a private thing. You deserve the relaxing moment after a long day’s hard work. Surely leaving the hard-earned time undisturbed will be the priority. This one can definitely do the job for you – it keeps your privacy well once shut. What’s more, it protects the water from spilling outside and the heat from losing. Hence, a cozy and restful shower is secured.

It is made of 100% polyester, one of the most common fabrics in the current market. Polyester fabrics have a lot of advantages to be a good candidate for bath accessories.

  • It is inexpensive;
  • It is very strong and resilient;
  • It is light in weight;
  • It lacks affinity for water;
  • It is hard to be fused;
  • It is not affected easily by solvents, dyes, and many chemicals;
  • It effectively resists stain, wrinkle, shrinking, mildew, abrasion, and stretching;
  • It launders easily and dries quickly.

For the younger generation, nowadays outhouses mean nothing at all. But to those who ever lived in countryside with a degree amount of nostalgia, outhouse is the weird carrier of their good old days. No wonder so many of you like that rustic theme. Anyway, now cottage theme has been through a major overhaul by adding a lot of chic elements, which have dramatically changed its stereotype. Because of that change, outhouses, throwing away the original bad-smell image, are getting more and more popular among young people.

Outhouses shower curtain sounds really funky, doesn’t it? I have good news for you – this item currently is on sale on Amazon.com. There you can buy it at a very cheap price which can be found nowhere. It is bound to enlighten up your bathroom in no time once put it up. Click here to read full reviews now!

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