Owl Shower Curtain for Sale

A big fan of Harry Potter, right? Wait a minute and do you still remember the cute pet owl in that film series? Oh what an adorable little creature! If you love that creature, you are going to fall in love with this owl shower curtain by Saturday Knight Ltd as well. Is that what the proverb says love me love my dog? Maybe. But this owl PEVA shower curtain will convince you on its own and deserve your two hoots about it. Read on please.

owl peva shower curtain

In her fantasy book series, J. K. Rowling, a famous British author, shapes owls and toads into the wizards’ pets, among which owls are the noblest and popular one. As a competent mailman, it helps their master deliver mails. What’s more, long deemed to be a creature with wisdom, it has a good knowledge of human feelings and language.

Owls’ stiff demeanor tends to give you the cute and adorable feeling. On top of that, a dab hand could make it even lovelier and commercially valuable. Take this owl shower curtain as an example, the designer lays out six rows of owls sitting on six branches respectively, in various expressions – round-eyed, winking, eye-closed, jaunty, gloomy, unconcerned, and more. The cartoonish hyperbole wielded here are so unique but totally acceptable. The bright colors fit well too – so many bright colors, including pink, lime green, aqua, peach, brown, and yellow, are used in such a narrow space but it appears so neat and definitely not that “in your face” style you might thought of. It is really irresistible to obtain so many cute owls all at once in a piece of owl fabric shower curtain, isn’t it?

Just in case you are curious about why this cute creatures are regarded as the symbol of wisdom, here is some interesting background knowledge for your reference. Actually it is derived from Greek mythology, in which owl is often associate with Athena, the goddess who is in charge of wisdom, humanities, and skills. Athena loves owl and treated it as a sacred bird. Hence, owl is gradually regarded as the avatar of wisdom.

Another reliable source is from Roman mythology. Interesting enough, there is also an owl always beside Minerva, the goddess administering wisdom, craft, and invention in Roman mythology. Hegel, a philosopher from Germany in the 19th century, argued that it is analogous to the philosophy. There’s once a saying which goes like this: “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.” And Hegel believes those are the best words to describe the scenario that only right up until the end of life philosophy can be fully understood. Hence, being the sign of wisdom and philosophy, it is handed down from the mythology in Europe.

Anyway, let’s get back to this owls shower curtain. This one is made of vinyl and has a background of lightly frosted clear PEVA. To be specific, it is made of lightweight PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate), which is a non-vinyl and chlorine-free material. Known as “green” for the environment, it is being used frequently in a lot of applications. If you are an avid environment friendly advocate, this one would be the ideal choice. Saturday Knight Ltd also provide you with owl hooks, which can come in handy, especially you are designing an owl theme room. To clean, simple wipe clean care would be highly recommended.

Owls in fairy tale style are really cool, aren’t they? They would just let you fall in love with them unconsciously because of their piercing eyes, unpredictable temperament, noble feeling, mysterious legend, and cute look. Now you can have them installed in your bathroom once purchasing this owl shower curtain. Who knows what inspiration these owls would give you even during a bath? Wasn’t Archimedes law found this way? To be the next Archimedes, well click here to buy shower curtains from Amazon.com first since this is the best online merchants you can rely on, let alone now this item is being on sale.

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