Park B. Smith Bubbles on a String Shower Curtain

As you can see, Park B. Smith Bubbles on a String shower curtain is a popular item from the “Watershed” Collection. In comparison, fancy and exhilarating design is the distinctive feature of this one. If you love to decorate your bathroom with a contemporary and whimsical touch that will match nicely with your original ambiance, don’t miss it this time!

bubbles on a string stall shower curtain

This is a well-made Park B. Smith shower curtain, available in color options of Coffee Bean/Aqua, Black/White, and Aqua/Coffee Bean. According to the description from its maker, it is 72-inch by 72-inch in size and made of 100% Polyester, which is the basic guarantee for very durable and sturdy hook holes and fabric. Though it is of high quality, it seems that you can always find something dissatisfied. And the only complaint you could make from this item is the transparency – you can see through it.

As a matter of fact, this Park B. Smith watershed shower curtain has the combined benefits from both fabric and vinyl curtains. In other words, it looks great with color vibrancy while keeping clean easily. As a result, this will be the ideal option if you are swaying between these two options. Its color is really bright and striking as well. More importantly, the real item is exactly the same as shown online. That’s great as more often than not the one you received in the end would be a little bit off no matter it is caused by the distortion of camera unintentionally or knowingly. But this one is an exception.

If you dislike an additional liner, using this outer curtain alone make sense since it fully resists allergy and mold. This is simply because it is water proof and blocks the spray of the water perfectly. However, if you want it to look brand news even after years of use, it is highly recommended adding a liner for the sake of an extra protection although it is completely unnecessary. Read more real customers’ reviews on Amazon about this Bubbles on a String stall shower curtain now!

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