Park B. Smith Circle Central Shower Curtain

Shaded circles are sort of geometric pattern that can add more fun to your room, in particular when they are printed on a white background. And Park B. Smith circle central shower curtain is such great addition to the accessories of your bathroom. Its somersby or white/green color options make it fit well with your newly remodeled or old bathroom. If you are looking for adding more fun during your bathing time since now on, consider it now!

park b smith shower curtain

As you know, typically shower curtains should match with a plastic liner to provide with protection. But the Park B. Smith circle central 72 x 72 watershed shower curtain is an exception thanks to the 100% polyester fabric it is made of. As a result, that would be a nice choice it you don’t like a plastic inner-lining. By the way, in fact it saves you money by omitting a liner though it is not worth much by itself. But when it comes to the accessories attached, the maker seems so mean that it comes with no rings and liner. If you are picky enough, that will be the only gripe you can make.

If you are concerned about its quality, you can rest assured that the Park B. Smith circle central watershed shower curtain somersby is true to what it is shown online. And a lot of buyers even reviewed that the quality of this item is higher than what they expected for that. That’s to say, unlike other curtains, it won’t arrive to you terribly wrinkled. I hate to say this but the seller did do a terrible job on taking pictures. So, it is more than just an alright purchase.

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