Park B. Smith Peony Watershed Shower Curtain

If you really want to add an oriental and eastern touch to your bathroom, this 72″ x 72″ Park B. Smith peony shower curtain can be one of the best candidates for your needs. It is available in optional colors of Sky/White, Midnight Navy/Natural, and Black/White. More than that, its simple elegance compliments the western style perfectly. So you don’t need to worry that it may cause disharmony in your bathroom. As a matter of fact, it is a real no brainer in terms of adding an exotic touch. What you need to do is just throwing it in and then creating the ambiance you are looking for.

park b smith shower curtain

Peony or Paeonia, known as flowers of wealth, is native to Asia, Western North America and Southern Europe. In Asia, in particular in China, it is often called as the King. Because it resembles pink rose, sometimes it is also called peony rose. This flower is exceedingly beautiful and was frequently chanted by many ancient poets. Nothing beats the sight of lush peonies in the spring, doesn’t it? No wonder it has been a well sought after plant for the garden. Now you can also take peony in consideration and make your bathroom be one of more elegant and comfortable place. No doubt, this lovely item can turn your monotonous space full of life instantly, instead of simply viewing the beauty of flowers and sniffing the fragrance and aura.

Here are more details for you about this Park B. Smith watershed shower curtain. Actually it has lots of other benefits you will be interested in besides the good looking and design. Its main body is made of 100% Polyester and the grommets are of metal to make it more durable and pretty. Of course, bad or good reviews are always subject to the details of the item. These Park B. Smith shower curtains are no exception. Luckily, this “Watershed” Collection has more unique features to offer – they are coated to make them hydrophobic and allergy and mildew resistant. In this case, you can save a cumbersome liner and make it much handier. In addition, the weighted bottom, fast drying, machine washable are also the considerate and essential design. Fortunately, the mentioned features are all available on them. Get the Park B. Smith peony floral shower curtain at the best price from Amazon now!

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