Park B. Smith Zebra Shower Curtain

As you can see, this Park B. Smith zebra shower curtain is designed and made by Park B. Smith. Zebra pattern has long been considered as the symbol of untamed instincts and an unquenchable desire you just can’t stop it. Do you still have one untamed heart and want to experience the call of the wild? If yes, this Park B. Smith shower curtain is that thing you just can’t afford to miss. In your bathroom there must be a space awaiting for its arrival.

park b smith shower curtain

Here are more details about this Park B. Smith Zebra Zebra Shower Curtain, just in case you need it. Measuring 72″ x 72″, it consists of two major parts – the 100-percent cotton fabric and metal grommets. This is a very standard design but full of considerable details. It is with excellent water-proof performance, which thus saves your money by omitting an additional liner. Thanks to the advanced craft, it also possesses very strong mildew-proof and allergy-free property, which can protect you and your family from any potential harmful things that might jeopardize their health. In order to put an end to the shower curtain attacking and sticking to your leg, it comes with weighted bottom for offering extra protection. What’s more, to cater to more different bathroom styles, more color options, such as white/silver, white/taupe, white/black, and natural/coffee bean, are available.

By the way, it comes from the “Watershed” collection. This is a depressive era and you may have enough of it. Luckily, this item is able to provide you with free air you can breathe freely. Now it is time for you to let your bathing be more freely and unleash that bold and unrestrained feeling. Last but not least, this is one of Park B. Smith shower curtains that are machine washable and fast drying. Buy it from with huge discounts now!

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