Pinzon Hemstitch 400-Thread-Count 100 Percent Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Bed sheets are one of the most intimate friends you have to contact each night. Hence, you should treat yourself well enough by selecting the best one, for example, the Pinzon Hemstitch 400-thread-count 100-percent Egyptian cotton sheet set, for yourself and your family. If you want it to be as comfortable as possible, the full sheet set would be just what you want and it will ensure you the most sound sleep you can get.

hemstitch 400 thread count sateen cotton sheet set

Actually, its title has already tip off you with a lot of information. However, if you are not really familiar with the jargon in the textile industry, you are very likely to become confused and disoriented by its official product description. Never mind, you will learn very quickly here on how to choose and identify the high quality Egyptian cotton sheets.

As mentioned earlier, these sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton and single ply. Do you notice that the 100 percent here? Mind you, this is a very important indicator you should pay attention to when purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets. Beware of the vendors who claimed it as “Egyptian cotton” but missing the words of 100 percent. If so, chances are that they are not using the pure cotton, instead of the blends.

Do you know this famous cotton, grown in the Nile River Valley, is one of the most common materials for making high-end linen? Known for its longer fiber, it is capable of spinning the softer but more durable fabric. Typically these two properties can’t exist simultaneously in the fabric made of generic cotton. With this average 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 inches, or sometimes a whopping 2-1/4 inches staple length, it provides the possibility to manufacture the most luxurious linen in the world.

According to the product description, the 400 TC Egyptian cotton sheets are in sateen weave. So what is sateen? Now you might already infer that the sateen is made of long-staple cotton here. But apparently it is not the only one and the possible candidates can be combed, carded or any other long-staple cotton as well. Sateen mimics satin but it is not a satin. It is kind of satin-like cotton fabric that has similar sheen, which is brought out by the technique called mercerization.

Another term you might be curious is the 400 thread count, right? Perhaps you have heard some myths that the more thread count a fabric is, the better it is. Not really. Next, probably you would ask a series of questions. What is the highest thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets? Is 400 thread count Egyptian cotton good? As for the first question, as far as I am concerned the 1200 TC (thread count) would be highest one so far. In terms of the second question, I am afraid you have to figure out some basic concepts first. As stated previously, the manufacturers would still label it as Egyptian cotton sheet even though the fabric just contains negligible 1% or less of it. Another trick they often used is that they merge two small count fabrics into one and then claim to the public with the total counts. Actually they are cheating by mixing the concepts. Hence, if you are looking for the best sheet, first please make sure the sheet at least meets two conditions – the 100% Egyptian cotton and 1-ply yarns. If the two premises are there, the higher counts a fabric is, the more durable it is. However the softness is another story. The higher counts wouldn’t promise you with a better touch. As a rule of thumb, in order to keep it soft and durable at the same time, the 300 to 500 TC is preferred.

Now this Hemstitch 400-thread-count sateen cotton sheet set is available on on sale. This is the best price you just can’t find elsewhere. What’s more, 4 size schemes and 8 optional colors are being offered there. Optional sizes are full, queen, king, and California king. Colors are white, taupe, plum, mint, maize, chestnut, eggshell, and smokey blue. If you are looking for a really good 400 thread count sheet set, Click here for today’s price and more customer reviews now!

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