Poppy Flower Shower Curtain

It is such a unique flower, beautiful, enchanting, awesome, even sometimes send chills down your spine. You know what flower I am talking about, do you? As one of poppies fans, how can you miss a poppy flower shower curtain if you are designing a poppies theme for your bathroom? In that way, it will jazz up this drab place, add more fun to your bath, and amaze your friends when visiting.

Red White Poppy Flower Fabric Shower Curtain

Poppies are one type of beautiful but unusual flowers, even with somewhat flirtatious nature. It is this beauty that fulfills some certain ambitions of its fruits, and people with ulterior motive. Thus, this pulchritude becomes the source of evil.

That reminds me of a poet I ever read a long time ago.

A white poppies like affair,
Dangerous but you do not want to turn back,
No longer calm as usual and petals start falling tears,
But the red poppy like affair,
Let you cannot face the unforgettable even the occasional meeting,
In fact, I would like to ask you to fly high.
Forgive me,
I just can’t love you anymore.

However, poppy flowers, white or red, are innocent itself. You are going to love those distinctive poppy floral patterns especially presented with bold color and large flower petals. Bend this vintage style poppy flower shower curtain with other bath accessories on your bathroom and begin to give it the proprietary air in blossoming season only now.

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