Psycho Shower Curtain

So, you are ready for adding some thrilling atmosphere to your bathroom. Here is the one for you – Kikkerland Psycho Shower Curtain, 72-Inch by 72-Inch, which will definitely scare out of your wit, especially when you are in a daze at night while answering a call of nature. Well, you are just got caught unguardedly upon a flick of a light switch.

bloody shower curtain

Paying his respects to the film Psycho (1960) by Alfred Hitchcock, the Jan Habraken designed this horror, red bloody shower curtain inspired by the most notorious shower murder footage. It is made of 100-percent frosted EVA, a rather green material that frequently used in the manufacturing shower curtains. Assume that you learn a thing or two about EVA, and you probably know the basic that it is free of PVC, a phase-out because of its toxic nature.

Now, are you sure you’re really ready? If yes, let’s go. Now you are Janet Leigh and walk into the shower and begin to take off your clothes. The water runs through your body and down to the drain. Everything is so peaceful and you are totally unaware to the approaching of the intruder, who is creeping to you. And then the knife is holding high behind you. You scream and run, knowing that you are going to die soon. Fortunately, what happened to you is just in the imaginary scene. But it is enough to let you break out in a cold sweat of panic and awaken you completely, isn’t it?

I was wondering how you would react at that very moment, thank or hate to the fact that you have bought home those spooky, horror, but really cool psycho shower curtains. Anyway, every bath would be a thrilling experience if you are brave enough. After all, this is a game for the brave, or game for man instead of sissy!

If you are pursuing mad, thrilling, and ingenious things, welcome to the psycho shower curtain world, where you can always find a little jolt of electricity down your spine and get a kick out of it. You don’t have to wait for the coming of Halloween, check it out now on if you have the guts to take on the psycho challenge. Be prepared now!

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