Recycled 100% Cotton Curtains Panel by Maytex

Curtains can be made by a variety of different fabrics for different purposes. But when it comes to how easy to be integrated into the existing space, there is nothing like cotton fabric. Take a look at the recycled 100% cotton curtains panel by Maytex and, if possible, give it a try, I am sure you will agree with me. It virtually fits well with all rooms in various styles.

Maytex Encore Recycled 100-Percent Cotton Window Panel

According the product description, this Maytex Encore recycled 100-percent cotton window panel, measuring 42″ wide x 84″ long each, is made of 100% cotton. Mind you, it is being sold by panel rather than in pair. That means you have to buy two of them to cover a window. And it also features two hanging ways available – by rod pocket or by hidden back tabs. Either way is viable, and it is up to your individual preference and taste. In addition, there are three optional solid color choices for you – red, olive, and chestnut. So, why it is a better idea to buy 100% cotton curtains instead of others like silk, velvet, PEVA, or vinyl?

In terms of window treatments, the rule of thumb is to blend the styles well to give the room necessary distinct layers, with a few colors in a few different fabrics like silk, velvet, or vinyl. In addition, to make the style of your room look consistent, you’d better think ahead how to match the furnishings and other stuffs. However, this might be really challenging to you as it requires some efforts, especially some relevant knowledge to make it look better. If you have no idea at all which curtain fabric you should choose from, the cotton would be your ideal option because of its high compatibility to all sorts of interior backgrounds.

Unlike its man-made counterparts, 100-percent cotton curtains panel is more likely to be accepted to many, thanks to its gentle, comfortable and soft nature. However, apparently it does not help every room. If you prefer a vibrant and crisp look to your windows, you’d better pick the synthetic fibers. But in comparison, cotton has more reasons to win your favor over others.

  • It is safer. This is a less flammable natural fiber compared to synthetic one. Therefore, it is less likely to start a fire to your house although it still burn;
  • It dyes readily. The dying is much simpler and two different ways are available – the raw fiber or the finished fabric. Both of them are as good to make abundant appealing colors and prints;
  • It is more eco-friendly. This natural fiber, in color of warm cream, is ready for use since collected from the field. Basically it doesn’t need to go through chemical processing like bleaching to make it work.
  • It is softer to touch. This is especially true when you have to frequently open and close the curtains. Rough fabric tends to be stiff and give an unpleasant feeling.
  • It blocks sunlight, cold, and heat more efficiently. Besides adding accent to the bedroom, drapes need to be really functional. And apparently cotton does a better job.
  • It is more maintainable. You can have it cleaned much easily by the regular ways. Basically it won’t cause deformation after washes. But it does shrink. So, please make sure to allow some margins for the shrink beforehand. On top of that, it is machine washable and warm iron would be recommended if necessary.

If you prefer 100% cotton curtains, you would love this Maytex Encore recycled cotton window panel. Actually as of this writing, this item sells well on for its high quality yet at cheap price. But please keep in mind that this is neither a blackout nor a sheer curtain. It is perfect for keeping your privacy while still allowing decent lights coming through your windows. If you are looking for pure sheer or blackout curtains, apparently this one is not for you. Click here for more customer review and information now!

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