Red Black Chinese Letter Drapery Curtain Set

Calligraphy is one of the oldest art forms in China. Curtain is one of the most common window treatments. What would happen when they meet each other? That is the question that BEDnLINENS was trying to answer. And the answer it gave is this Red Black Chinese Letter Drapery Curtain Set. It turns out to be really satisfactory, both artistically and pragmatically.

red and black drapes

This window curtain set is made of polyester, including two drape panels. The pair measures 100-inch Wide by 84-inch Long in total. But attention please this set contains no lining with back sheer.

If you like oriental art and try to add somewhat similar feel to your house, this red and black drapes with Chinese letters can be the way to go for you. Just in case you want to dig a little deeper, here is the background knowledge about the Chinese characters shown.

In China, auspicious symbols and patterns are found everywhere. Letter is one of the most popular forms. Literally the characters displayed means blessing, good fortune, and many descendants. In the eye of Chinese people, it is kind of blessing to have many sons and grandsons.

Auspicious symbols, actually, have become part of their daily life. In other words, auspicious patterns to Chinese is just like the water to fish, the sky to birds, and the air to man. No one knows when and where this culture comes from. But one thing is quite certain that they were created since the day people have the consciousness and wishes for happiness, beauty, and peace in mind. To some extent, understanding the auspicious culture is equivalent to knowing one of the most important aspects about Chinese culture and Chinese people.

Buy this Red Black Chinese Letter Drapery Curtain Set and bring home with the blessing and good fortune now!

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