Residence 2 Grommet Panels Dupioni

Pure silk curtains enjoy great popularity for their elegant look, soft touch, extreme comfort, nice gloss, and excellent breathability. But their drawbacks are equally obvious – the steep price. Fortunately, now faux silk curtains are found to be one of the best substitutes for real silk. It keeps almost all its benefits but tremendously lowers the cost at the same time. Can’t resist the lure of this kind of iridescent shimmer? These Residence 2 grommet panels dupioni can be one of your best window treatment options.

Residence Dupioni 2-Pack Grommet Panel
A little bit about faux silk dupioni

From the Residence collection of Faux Silk Dupioni, as its name suggested, it is made of Dupioni. So, here comes the first question – what is dupioni and why I should choose it? As the savvy buyer, this is a very good question, isn’t this?

Also known as douppioni or sometimes dupion, silk dupioni refers to the fabric woven by the stronger dyed silk strand, which is spun by two silkworms. Normally each silkworm spins one cocoon. But sometimes one cocoon can be spun by two different silkworms. Because of combined with two strands, this kind of fabric is uneven and with black specks sometimes.

Benefits of these curtains

Your house would take on an entirely new look if properly installed the drapes. On the contrary, it will make things worse if having the bad one hung. Due to a variety of benefits available, silk is one of the favorite choices to many people. However, real one is too expensive to make it less compelling to most customers. In comparison, the faux one is much cheaper. More importantly, it not only retains all the advantages but also improves some of its disadvantages. Since this is an artificial substitute, actually you don’t need to worry too much of the disadvantage from the real one.

  • It is sold at a lower price;
  • It makes your home a more inviting place;
  • It gives you almost the same touch feeling as the real one, soft and smooth;
  • It radiates lustrous colors and tends to give a luxurious feeling;
  • It is quite durable;
  • It is easy to maintain.

What’s more, thanks to the stiff and reversible nature of the silk dupioni, it is crisp, which doubtless makes it one of the best materials for draperies. That is to say, it is viewed the same from either side.

Where to buy Residence Dupioni 2-Pack Grommet Panel?

Now this item is available on at a very reasonable price. You can also get them FREE Super Saver Shipping. And more colors are offered as well, including natural, plum, chocolate, lime, black pearl, and marine. Nevertheless, the only complaint is that the teal color is different from that shows in the picture.

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