Residence Shantung Thermal Grommet 2-Pack

At first glance it may be simply a standard curtain panels. However, this Shantung Thermal Grommet 2-Pack is built for special function. Brought to you by Residence, a popular curtains or drapes provider over the years, this Faux Silk Thermal collection is one of its recent hits, in the colors of plum, walnut, wheat, stone, cappucino, steel blue, and viridian grey.

Residence Shantung Thermal Grommet

So, what can this Shantung 2-Pack thermal grommet do for you? As a matter of fact, this Residence model, made of satin material, is mainly designed for saving you a lot of money on heating costs during the cold weather. These black-out panels are really energy efficient because they insulate efficiently your room from cold outside by thicker drapes with foam backing. More than that, it helps kill the light and eliminate the noise as well, which, as an extra bonus, prolongs the using life of your furniture, painting, and carpets by avoiding exposing them directly to the strong sun light.

And the details about this thermal curtain are as follows:

– Sold in pairs. It is easy to understand, isn’t it?
– Grommet panel 2-40-inch by 84-inch. Please make sure your window size before ordering;
– 4-inch heading on panel. This is a lovely design;
– Order 2 to 3 times rod width for proper fullness. So choose the right plan according to your specific situation;
– 2 by 6 antique satin grommets;
– Inside diameter 1 5/8-inch;
– Product Dimensions: 1 x 40 x 84 inches;
– Item weight: 1.5 pounds;
– Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds;
– Made in China.

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