Residence Thermal Collection Grommet Panels Villamora 2-Pack

After a few autumn rains, the cold winter is approaching. Now instead of considering how to keep cool inside your house, the winter warmth should be on the agenda. You’d better plan it all ahead for your family in case for future needs. At this point, the thermal insulated drapes are a good addition to your whole grand keeping-warm project. Have you started looking for one that is really thermal efficient? If so, the Villamora 2-Pack, as one elite member of the Residence thermal collection grommet panels, is the one better than your expectation. In other words, there is little chance for you to find a better one elsewhere at this low price tag.

Residence Villamora 2-Pack Thermal Grommet Panel

Besides of keeping the heat, actually these residence grommet panels are capable even more.

  • During winter it tends to have fewer hours of sunlight. These blackout curtains are able to adjust the penetration of lights according to your requirements. When the light, from natural or artificial sources, is too strong, it can protect your carpet and wooden furniture from too much exposure;
  • At the same time, it tends to be cold and windy in winter, these grommet top curtains, with quality foam backing, is able to protect your house from wind, dust, heat, and noise.

In terms of the colors, thick ones, like deep blue, grey, brown, and black, tend to lead to gloomy mood. However, in order to meet different applications, Residence also provides various optional colors for you – natural, taupe, chocolate, and cappuccino.

Now this item, each 40″ wide x 84″ long, is being sold on Amazon. Please note that they are sold in two panels, rather than in one single panel. No doubt, the thermal drapes will give you a funnier and warmer winter once you have them hung on your windows. See more detail and reviews on Amazon now!

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