S. Lichtenberg Curtains: Emily Sheer Window Panel

Sheer window panels tend to give the impression of being white and flowing, especially when a gentle breeze blows through. This image looks as if it is here to stay since I can remember. It’s kind of more relaxed time, isn’t it? Do you want to create and enjoy the scene mentioned above too? If yes, actually you can make it without striking a blowing with the S. Lichtenberg curtains, especially its Emily curtain panel, which is one of the ideal options and bestsellers these days.

S. Lichtenberg draperies

Fabric won’t lie to you

This S. Lichtenberg & Co. Inc curtain is made of 100% polyester, which is often misunderstood by many people. You might also think that cotton fabric is always better than polyester. However, the fact is that both fibers have its own intrinsic strength and weaknesses. It is really hard to judge which is better, partly because it depends on what occasions you use it for. Nevertheless, better playing to their strengths seems always the way to go.

Why does this curtain panel choose 100-percent polyester, instead of 100% cotton? This is because, as mentioned earlier, it makes sense to be an excellent sheer window panel for several reasons.

  • It is durable;
  • It doesn’t stain easily;
  • It is less prone to wrinkles and has stable shape;
  • It is machine washable and dry cleaned;
  • It doesn’t turn yellow easily;
  • It is easier to clean even with less detergent;
  • It wouldn’t kindle easily and spread the fire even though it is burned;
  • It discourages the growth of mildew, mold, fungi, and more;
  • It is cooler than cotton.

Yarns do matter

As the manufacturer claims, this sheer curtain panel is made of French Tergal high twist voile yarns. Here I think it is necessary to introduce a little bit more about what is the French tergal. Better known as Ninon, French tergal refers to a kind of sheer or voile fabric, which includes rayon, silk, and nylon. It is in different forms, such as tight smooth weaves, or open lacy designs, and/or open mesh-like looks. Made with high twist filament yarns, this fabric is good for making sheer curtains due to its delicacy and light nature.

What curtain rods does it fit most?

The curtain rods are another important consideration when buying curtains. But never mind, this one is made to fit for both standard and decorative curtain rods. In other words, it matches well most of them sold in the market currently, unless you are using the custom-made ones, either bigger or smaller.

Benefits of Emily sheer window panel

In summary, the reasons why this item, measured 59 by 63-Inch and 59 by 84-Inch, is worth your money are as follows:

  • It has the awesome translucency, which lets in comfortable, soft, and looming sunlight only.
  • It allows the reasonable sunlight but keeps your privacy in a proper way.
  • It has 7 optional colors available to you, like white, chocolate, ivory, black, taupe, burgundy, and sage.
  • It is cheaper in price and easier to maintain because of the adoption of 100% polyester fabric.
  • It keeps your room comfort and warmth instantly.
  • It is free of wrinkles so that you can take care of it effortlessly.

What are others saying?

Currently there are more than 30 people have left their reviews about this item. Most of them are quite positive, here are some of great points for your reference, to name but a few.

  • “Hang nicely and are even in size…”
  • “Much nicer than I expected…”
  • “Exactly what I wanted…”
  • “Would purchase again…”
  • “Definitely recommend…”
  • “Looks better in pictures…”

Where can I buy S. Lichtenberg curtains?

No doubt, Amazon.com offers the best discounts for S. Lichtenberg curtains. Do I have to say more? You have every reason to buy on this great online platform. Please also bear in mind that this item is sold in panel, rather than in panels. So, do your maths before ordering them. Click here for more details about this item now!

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