Sale Star Wars Curtains Window Treatment 2 Panels Drapes

Star Wars series are the perennial favorites to the sci-fi fans. At the same time most of its fans are also keen collectors of all kind of vintage toy items about this great movies. Kids today just love this movie itself and its souvenir as well. Once your kids have a item related, and their friends are all jealous. If your kid happens to be a big fan of it, perhaps he longs to meet his favorite vintage figures even in dreams. As such, this Star Wars curtains window treatment 2 panels drapes would definitely be one of the desirable gifts to your kids.

Star Wars Curtains Window Treatment

This rod pocket 2 panels drapes, each drape measures 42″ x 63″, are made from 100% Polyester, which shows that these are cute, functional and quality drapes. You can barely beat the price for a high quality drape like this one. Else, it comes with a pair of curtain Tie Backs, which you can use to pull the drapes to the side.

Mind you, the size of 42″ x 63″ is suitable for most regular windows, but might be a little short for a taller window. So you’d better check it out and make sure the length of the curtains you need before the purchase. Order now and make your kids’ dream come true soon.

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