Sea Life Shower Curtain

Bathroom is the awesome retreat where you can make you feel good about yourself again quickly, in particular after a long day at work. To make your bath a comfortable, relaxing experience as expected, a few things need to be taken into consideration ahead of time. A very important part is the environment. So, lavatory decor does matters. Good bath accessories, for example the sea life shower curtain by Ex-Cell Home Fashions, can also help bring you the peace and calm, not just visually pleasing.

ocean life shower curtain

This curtain, 70″ W x 72″ L in size, has a few key features you may be fond of. First off, it is a 100% vinyl item, which is known for its wider range of multi-hued patterns. Vinyl, to a certain extent, means the product is more durable, and the price is more affordable. More importantly, unlike the other fabric like cloth, it is waterproof, which make it one of the best possible material for manufacturing shower curtains.

Just wondering if you ever notice the photos hung on walls of some doctors’ rooms. If you do, probably you will find that sea life themed paintings are the most favorite, and for good reason. So, what is you feeling when you are enjoying the tropical fish? Do you feel soothing as if carried far away the sea? That’s it! According to researches, designs featuring sea creatures is good at bringing in tranquility to you.

And this ocean life shower curtain is aquamarine blue, a color tends to make you more quiet, comfortable, and meek, according to the proven experience by many psychologists. No wonder sea life shower curtains are so desirable these days. In this busy life, you have every reason to be kind to yourself – bathroom is a good start. Of course, masses of lovely sea creatures are also one of the main contributions.

More than that, in order to adapt preferably to the humid condition in bathroom, this sealife shower curtain has been processed with anti-mildew agent. That is to say, it won’t easily allow the growth of fungal and mold. Besides, Ex-cell also arms these sea life curtains with the unique suction cups, which is really useful to avoid the water escaping from your bathtub.

Hey, at the end of another long day, cut yourself some slack and it is time for relaxing now. A good bath is just around the corner once this sea life shower curtain installed in your bathroom. As you know, a relaxing shower or bath means a lot when you do need a recharge in the fast-moving world – it eliminates your fatigue, calms your tensed nerves, and benefits your health by proper personal hygiene. Spend some time and you will be a different person soon.

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