Shark Shower Curtain

A cute shark shower curtain will be a welcome addition to the bathroom of any children. The reason is simple – there is no better bathroom accessories than shower curtains in bringing in immediate effect and the shark graphic is really cute. Based on the Kikkerland Jaws Shower Curtain, 72-Inch by 72-Inch, a simple remodeling could change your kids’ bathroom into a more pleasant place. It does require a little bit imagination, of course. But don’t worry, and it can be anything but a daunting task to you.

Jaws shower curtain

This item features only two things – one is the sea and billows in blue sky color, and the other is the shark in white color. The design, consisting of only two colors, is that simple, but Jan Habraken seems have breathed life into it – the jaws shark just comes alive once hung in your bathroom. It is full of so much fun, isn’t it?

Adopting the material of 100-percent frosted Ethylene vinyl acetate, sometimes abbreviated to EVA, these shark shower curtains become more environmental friendly as it is free of Polyvinyl chloride, generally abbreviated PVC and better known as vinyl. As you may know that vinyl contains chlorine, which is kind of poisonous substance that can contaminate the earth and men from its production to final disposal. Fortunately now safer alternatives, for example EVA, are found, and you don’t have to breathe the toxic smell in your bathroom anymore.

The best gift you can give to your children is the happy childhood. So, don’t leave any regret and do whatever you could to make today a wonderful childhood memory to your kids. Bathroom decor, as an integral part, should not be neglected either. Unlike other places in your house, kids’ bathroom refuses no bright, pure colors and quite expressive accessories. When kids are in this functional area, they should feel and act positively and excitingly. Frankly, normal routines like brushing and bathing are the last things kids want to do, but with a little of imagination and twist you can turn them into a fun game. For example, disguising it with funny kids’ bathroom shower curtains is a good idea.

In the bathroom decor one of the evergreen themes is about ocean, among which fish shower curtain is a really popular type. There are plenty fish in the sea, of course. If your children prefer one featuring a ferocious, hungry big fish, the Kikkerland jaws shark shower curtain for kids is the ideal one for your kids’ bathroom, especially when it is a boy. Mind you, there are some reviews saying that the color is less deep as shown in the original picture. It is actually similar to kind of pale baby blue. Be that as it may, this item is still one of the most popular options within such a cheap price range. Read full reviews on and you would find out why.

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