Sheer Curtain Panels

What would come to your mind first at the mention of sheer curtain panels? To most people, it might be the picture of a sheer curtain panel fluttering in a mild breeze. This is such a classic elegance that it keeps repeating in so many scenarios that needs some sense of romance and hazy. As one of essential elements in window treatments, it has found favor with many people. No matter it is used in houses of traditional or modern style, sheer panel curtains can always bring a dull or weary room to life.

The beauty of sheer curtain panels

Due to its soft texture and looming sense of beauty, sheer window curtains are getting more and more popular today. Picture that when the breeze blows gently, it is aflutter in the breeze against the window. What a lovely scene and it could just arouse your desire of flying that has built inside you.

In the past years white sheer curtains are the most commonly seen style in the market. And sometimes it was also used as liner to drapes and curtains. In recent years, to cater for the market requirement, especially from young customers, a variety of different colors came into the market.

In addition, there are new ways to hang a sheer window curtain too. For example, you can simply hang the green sheer curtains over the curtain rod between two spaces for the privacy reason. Or you can also place the red sheer curtains outside of the lace curtain panels in order to cover it. When looked over from the interior, it gives a kind of hazy subtle beauty. What’s more, if you choose one with print flowers, this looming sense of beauty would be more charming.

Colors choice for sheer panel curtain

Now sheers curtains come with many different options in colors. If you would like to make it convey the vivid and active feeling, you’d better choose comparative and sharp match colors like yellow sheer curtains, orange sheer curtains and pink sheer curtains. If you would like to let it full of feeling of hazy reservation, close cold colors like black sheer curtains and blue sheer curtains can be one of the best choices.

However, when it comes to color matching, it is worth pointing out that don’t try to choose too much colors for one room or a hall. Two to three colors can be just fine. And another important principle is that never let the less important color to weaken the preferred color.

Principles for choosing sheer curtain fabric

Sheer curtain fabric comes with a few different options too. The main popular fabrics currently are embroidery, voile, linen and silk georgette and so on. When doing the design for your living room, it would be better to take the users’ personality and age into consideration.

Embroidered sheer curtains

This fabric is handmade and it is exquisite and luxury. If you would like to make your living room look luxury and grand, this fabric is one of best choices because it is with a rich sense of weight. And decorating with it would make your room full with the atmosphere of extravagance and emotional appeal.

Sheer voile curtains

This fabric looks light and vivid. Actually it can be found easily in almost all drape retail outlets. Some high-end products are mixed with silk too, which make it looks brighter and with stronger drooping sense.

Linen sheer curtains

This fabric is shiny and bright. If yours are floor-standing windows, you can give it a try to this type. Especially when you are going to use it to decorate your study room, it filters the light through while remains the transparent feeling. So it is a suitable choice for places like this.

Silk georgette sheer curtain panels

Transparent silk georgette, nylon yarn, and textile yarn are cool and pleasant. It is quite simple and elegant. What’s more, it won’t block your outside view as it is quite transparent.

Window curtain panels are the best expression to the windows, the creator of the good mood from living space, and also the magician who does a magic trick to make a difference to your life. If budget allows, it is recommended not choosing those cheap curtain panels. Or it might just ruin the harmony style of your room. On the contrary, good quality sheer curtain panels can make your home a better place.

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