Singing In The Rain Shower Curtain

I was told by many friends that they had been bitten by the musical bug since they watched the Singin In The Rain movie. Do you love that musical? Do you want to review these classic highlights again and again? If the answer is yes, you will fall for this Singing In The Rain shower curtain by Jan Habraken. For sure this curtain can let you be part of that musical, dancing and singing along with Gene Kelly, in the shower of course.

singin' in the rain shower curtain

You probably know very little about the Kikkerland Singin’ In The Rain Shower Curtain, 72 by 72-Inch, don’t you? Never mind. The following is the brief introduction for you. This is a curtain made of 100% frosted Ethylene vinyl acetate, also known as EVA, which is a common watertight material widely used in a variety of industries. EVA is gaining more and more popularity these days because it is PVC free. Conceived and devised by Jan Habraken, this item highlights the famous scene of Gene Kelly’s solo by presenting only the blue silhouette. Though it is based on the film, you can still tell that the designer has invested enormous efforts in order to pay tribute to this great musical.

To be honest, this Kikkerland shower curtain does remind me of something. I can’t remember the exact time when I saw this movie for the first time. That day I just turned on the TV like any other days and was immediately attracted by the movie played on the screen – a handsome man dancer singing a cheerful song while performing a rainwater dance, a black umbrella in hand. This is because the gestures and expressions of the man seem so natural and comfortable, not a single trace found revealing he was playing. I have never seen such a beautiful rainwater dance before, especially impressed by his casual, free way of performance. On top of that, combining with his cheerful voice, it is so complete that as if it is the heavy rain that grants him with such a good mood.

Well, I’d better stop here, hadn’t I? Saying too much about this film is not so funny at all. What I intend to say is that I care only about this dance, which is enough to represent the film itself and the performances of others. And this is also the reason why I recommend you with this Kikkerland Singin’ In The Rain shower curtain. By the way, now you can buy this awesome item at online stores like, where a lot of discounts are available as of this writing.

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