Solid Thermal Insulated Back Tap Blackout Curtain 108″Wx63″L

Being an interior designer, I was often asked if there is a simple method to effectively lower noise, block out light, and reduce heat in bedroom. It sounds really complicated, isn’t it? On the contrary, the solution is quite simple – hanging a solid thermal insulated back tap blackout curtain in your bedroom. By doing so, all above-mentioned problems will be disappeared instantly. If you want it to be more perfect, you can remodel your window pane for a better effect of soundproof.

Solid Black Back Tap Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtain 108

Summer usually follows heavy rains. And now the weather is getting hotter day by day. Obviously at this time hanging average drapes in your bedroom seems behind the times. This is simply because it usually consists of two layers – gauze and cloth, which neither blocks out the light nor insulates heat or cold. Or worse of all, it might ruin your sleep if glaring street light couples with a western exposure. If you have similar confusion, you really need to find a solution to it. Don’t fret over it and this is my recommendation to you – the solid black back tap thermal insulated blackout window curtain 108″Wx63″L, which is manufactured by Chezmoi Collection.

Thanks to the adoption of the ground-breaking fabric construction, this blackout window curtain improves the performance tremendously. As a result, it is proficient at filtering out 99.9% of coming light together with 100% of UV ray. This is really amazing, isn’t this?

On top of that, these thermal blackout curtains can consummate the technical data of heat insulation during summer and heat preservation during winter at the same time.

  • In summer, these thermal insulated drapes can reflect back outdoor most of heat imposed by sunlight radiation. According to statistics, indoor temperature averages 6 to 12 degrees lower than bare windows, or 4 to 6 degrees lower compared to using ordinary curtains.
  • In winter, these thermal insulation curtains is capable of reflecting back indoor most of heat absorbing from human body and objects. Hence, it effectively prevents heat distribution and thus improves room temperature.

Besides, Chezmoi Collection also produces other styles like grommet top and other colors like beige. Choose the one that fits your bedroom most now!

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