Solid Thermal Insulated Back Tap Blackout Curtain 84 L

Spring is a good season for daytime sleep. Did you awaken by the stabbing sunshine coming through the window this morning? This can be an awful experience, especially when you are going to lie in at weekends. No doubt at this moment you need the help of a solid thermal insulated back tap blackout curtain 84 L, which will protect you from any bothering, regardless of noise or light, and let you sleep late in the morning.

Solid Brown Back Tap Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtain 108

Now Chezmoi Collection has a wonderful option for you – the Solid Brown Back Tap Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtain 108″Wx84″L -1 Pair. This item is of high quality but at a super cheap price. So don’t be fooled by this low price tag, which might lead you to think that this is another inferior one, just like those cheap ones you have seen a lot outside.

If you break down its functions, you will know better this solid thermal insulated blackout curtain.

  • It is solid brown. This is preferred if the penetrating sunlight is strong as a darker color is in a better position to block out the light than those lighter colors;
  • It is a blackout window curtain. As a matter of fact, it blocks out nearly all coming light. Precisely, it is 99.9 percent light, as well as 100 percent Ultra Violet;
  • It is a back tab top drape. That means you can run a pole through easily for the hanging. It is so easy to put up without the help from anything, like rings, hooks, or clips;
  • It is a thermal insulated drape. It specializes in insulating cold and heat and makes you feel comfortable no matter in summer or winter;
  • It measures 54″ W x 84″ L each panel. The length of 84 inches is one of the standard to-the-floor sizes. Of course, Chezmoi Collection also supplies a shorter one like 63 inches.

Choose a high quality solid thermal insulated blackout curtain, and never compromise your quality of morning sleep in the season of spring. Aside from that, it is so affordable too.

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