Star Wars Comforter Twin Comforts your Clone Wars Adventure

Would you like to be surrounded by Jedi and become one of them? If you are a hard core fan of the Star Wars, I am afraid nothing can stand in your way to be a member of them. Anyway, your Clone Wars adventure is bound to be thrilling and full of ups and downs along the road. But don’t panic and you would be simply OK with this Star Wars comforter twin. The manufacturer is so considerate that its design is all about making your journey more comfortable, of course, in bed. So, are you ready? There we go.

star wars twin bedding

Is it real or fake?

If you are concerned about this question, you may ever have bought something counterfeit, right? Knockoffs are always fake and inferior, and they will never be as genuine and good as the real thing. But this item is officially Star Wars licensed merchandise and you could rest assured that it is of high quality.

Ingredients of the fabric are crucial

The comforter comes in two parts – shell and filling. The former part is using cotton polyester blend fabric, with the 60%:40% ratio of cotton to polyester. The proportion here is one of the key elements in fabric to determine the degree of comfort or durability. Simply put, the more cotton it has, the more comfortable but more fragile it is. On the contrary, the more polyester, the more durable but stiffer it is accordingly.

Therefore, the proper combination of materials is very important. From the ratio you can also infer that this item is closer to cotton than polyester in nature. That’s to say, it is softer, which is exactly what it takes to be a good comforter.

But when it comes to the filling, it is another story. You aren’t contact the filling directly so the 100% polyester makes sense. By doing so, of course the manufacturer can save cost and then sell on a cheap price in order to be more competitive in the market.

Matters needing attention

  • Each twin comforter measures 63″ Wide x 86″ Long or 160 cm x 218 cm. Please make sure the length of your bed before purchasing;
  • Please wash it with cold water, and then tumble dry on low heat;
  • Bleach is not allowed;
  • Sheet set is not included in this Star Wars twin bedding set.

Where to buy this Star Wars twin comforter?

Now aggressive discount offering is being made by Apparently, buying from this biggest online merchant is the best bet for you, isn’t it?

Reviews from the buyers

At the time of this writing, this item is rated average 4.6 out of 5 stars by 16 people. And it has a lot of potential to be one hot sale item soon. And here are some comments for your reference only.

  • “Great looking…”
  • “Best comforters ever made!”
  • “Exactly as I expected.”
  • “Great design!”
  • “It looks good…”
  • “My son loves this.”

Undoubtedly, your kids gonna love it instantly upon unpacked at the time when it arrives your house. Click here for today’s price of this amazing Star Wars Clone Wars twin comforter now!

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