Strawberry Vine Kitchen Curtain Set By Achim, 24″ Set

Kitchen curtain set, as its name imply, is designed exclusively for your decoration of kitchen windows, which actually is where Achim is good at. If you ever tried one of this brand’s products, you would know what I really mean here. Achim boasts high quality kitchen curtains yet at really low cost. This 24″ Strawberry Vine Kitchen Curtain set lives up to that fame as well.

Strawberry Vine Kitchen Curtain Set By Achim

So what does this set include? As a matter of fact, it contains only two items – one pair of 57″ wide x 24″ long tiers and one piece of 57″ wide x 30″ long swag.

The tiers and swag is a perfect match in the set thanks for the excellent design of Achim. Strawberry, as you know, is a fragrant edible berry. No doubt the image of strawberry Vine would remind you of the freshness and the red color of the delicious taste. This is a great symbol to most of your kitchens, isn’t it?

Mind you, this Strawberry Vine Kitchen Curtain Set by Achim has two different sizes, one is 24″, and the other is 36″. But that’s just as much of a problem. You may mix them up sometimes. So please make sure the size before you place the order. Or, you may get the wrong one sent by the supplier.

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