Temporary Room Darkening Shades

More often than not, for some reason you just need a transient window treatment rather than the permanent fixture. Well then, the temporary room darkening shades can be the best bet for you. Provided that you are in the market for that exact thing, chances are that you will fall for this Achim’s “1-2-3 Shade” vinyl room darkening temporary pleated shades. In fact, it is more than just a provisional solution as you thought. Instead, many buyers even put it there for years thanks to their “lasting” look.

Vinyl Room Darkening Temporary Pleated Shades

Window shade, as its name implies, is one of the most common window coverings nowadays, for the purpose of mainly protecting your home privacy by controlling the amount of entering light. But when it comes to choose a temporary room darkening window shade, the considerations are much different from the formal one. But don’t worry. As one of the leading curtain providers, Achim Home Furnishings has a wide range of shade options for you choosing from. And this one is also highly recommended, no matter evaluated from perspectives of price tag, easy installation, opacity, or others.

In many scenarios, such as moving into a new apartment or house, redecorating a room, or even having a tight budget for the time being, window treatments can be a headache for you as window blinds are often unavailable. The uncovered windows usually are less energy efficient and appear terribly. And the worst part is that the passenger can peek into your room through the plain windows easily, which might be the last thing you want it to happen, right? If you agree with that, these room darkening window shades can be of your big help.

This item comes in two different size, namely 36-inch W By 75-inch L and 48-inch W By 75-inch L. As a matter of fact, bigger size is not a problem at all as the shade can be customized to your dimensions simply by cutting it with a knife or scissors. Since this is a simplified version of pleated shades, it is very easy to assemble. What you need to do is just removing the shielding layer and then adhere it to the window frames. See, all the steps can be done bare handed. What’s more, as mentioned earlier these temporary window shades are nothing like other cheap ones. The meaning here is twofold. Firstly, it is so durable that it could last for years to come. Secondarily, different from other traditional transitional blinds, it could even be lifted and put down.

As the temporary room darkening shades, the price must be cheap enough. This one is no exception and costs you only about ten dollars, which is so low that you can totally afford them even though you only have a tight budget on it.

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