Thomas Kinkade Window Art Curtains

Thomas Kinkade window art curtains are only one derivative of his many paintings. According to reports, there are a wide range of commercial commodities derived from the artworks of this famous Painter of Light, including oil painting replica, signature prints, wall tapestry, books, calendars, wall clock, porcelain, postcards, sculpture, magazine covers, and more. If you are an avid collector for his artworks, don’t miss his window treatments series either.

Thomas Kinkade Garden of Prayer Window Art CurtainThomas Kinkade Mountain Majesty Window Art CurtainThomas Kinkade Sea Of Tranquility Window Art Curtain

In order to cater to the market requirements for home decor, WalterDrake launched Thomas Kinkade Masterpiece Curtain Collection – “Mountain Majesty”, “Garden of Prayer”, and “Sea of Tranquility”. They are sold in pair, measuring 72-inch by 84-inch. That is to say, each panel measures 36″ wide x 84″ long. And this cotton/polyester curtain is unlined, which makes sense especially when you want to forge personalized theme for your rooms. Since it is made of blend fabric, it has both the merits of these two natural and artificial fibers. But based on the ratio of 45% cotton to 55% polyester, it is not so much cotton as polyester. As a result, it is machine washable. Besides, the 3″ rod pockets fit well with the standard curtain rod in current market. In other words, you don’t have to buy a new rod to replace the old one since it works the same way.

Regarded as the master who is between impressionist and traditional American landscape painter, Thomas Kinkade is one of the most popular contemporary artists in the United States. His paintings bring hope and joy to millions who are fond of them by filling the void with his unique techniques of light and calm. Vivid colors and soft lights are the essence of almost all his artworks, among which most are mainly about gardens, rivulets, idyllic cottages, and some about Christian, like the cross and church.

He is one of my favorite artists. This isn’t because I love landscapes, instead because of what present in his paintings – warm and poetic, romantic and innocent, jumping and dynamic, beautiful and modest. His works have some kind of magic that can lead you into his virtual world unwittingly. This power might come from the shades of lights, which create a poetic, idyllic escape. He merges the reality and the dream in his works by a sophisticated way to make it look so harmonious. A lot of times when I stand before the painting, I am just carried away and feel like be part of that beauty.

These three works have different distinct artistic characteristics, but all stamped with strong personal style. No matter which one you choose, it is bound to make your house come alive right after put it up on your windows. When enjoying these surrealistic scenes, is there anything popping into your head – the heaven you have been looking for turns out to be what is before your eyes. Thanks God! And thanks Thomas Kinkade window art curtains! And best of all, on you can buy these Thomas Kinkade curtains at a very cheap price, free shipping included as well.

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