Titanic Shower Curtain

“You jump, I jump!” Does that ring a bell to you? Bingo, now Titanic was going down and Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) had to make their final choice. The Kikkerland Titanic Shower Curtain can bring you back to 1997 and let you review that touching, warm, and classic scene once again. After all, the most impressive romance only exists in life-or-death moment when the faith and trust are most needed between the lovers.

Kikkerland Titanic Shower Curtain

In honor of the movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron, Jan Habraken has done his due job to design this shower curtain. He respects but does not limit himself to the story line. Actually in this sinking Titanic graphics, you can hardly identify it at the first glance. Even so, this is still one of awesome decorative accessories should add to your bathroom decor.

Here are the general basics about this product for you. It is 71″ wide x 71″ long in size, fitting well with the standard 60-inch tub in the current market. You might notice that there are 11 inches allowance here. So, you may rest assured that the width is totally enough to cover the length of your bathtub. And it is made of 10-percent frosted EVA, which is a popular vinyl alternative these days thanks to its PVC free nature. If you do care about the sustainable development of this planet in the near future, this item is highly recommended.

However, similar to its plastic peer, it does smell, especially when it is right out of the box. Don’t worry and this awful odor is quite normal and will vanish soon by itself. The whole process may take about 7 days or less. In addition, flimsy material adopting is its another major complain, although it doesn’t happen very often. But, what else could you ask this Titanic shower curtain to do for you? This is just an average curtain for the purpose of stopping water splashing out of your shower. More importantly, it charges you only a dozen bucks, doesn’t it?

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