Trompe l’oeil Window Art Allows Island Breeze to Come through Your Windows

Sometimes the art of Trompe l’oeil is just like true lies. It tricks your eyes to make you believe what you are seeing is true. This is a nice trick you can take advantage to amuse yourself, especially when you need some temporary rest by distracting your attention. It really works. If you like Trompe l’oeil, you will just love this Island Breeze Trompe l’oeil window art by muralist Marion K. Stephenson. No matter put it up on your windows, patio doors, or French doors, it will instantly turn your room into a scenery place you are dreaming of.

Island Breeze Trompe l'oeil Window Art

Some part of life is just for goofing around and wasting. You don’t have to feel ashamed about it. Want to make yourself feel at easy completely? Apparently taking a vacation is the way to go. Now picture the scene that you are spending a lazy afternoon in a villa beside the sea. How nice it would be to lie in a hammock hung between two swaying palm trees or doze in a beach chair with a cup of coffee in hand. Is there anything in life happier than holiday like that?

But Wake up! More often than not you are too busy to have a holiday like that. Fortunately now you can do it without really landing on an island. The muralist Marion K. Stephenson has designed a lovely escape for you. Now The Island Breeze has been adapted for window treatments too. All your fatigue will be just gone while you kick back and enjoy this lovely scene.

This rod pocket curtains, measuring 72-inch by 84″-inch in pair, is now available on at a very low price. Please note that this item is sold in pair rather than one panel as usual you are aware of. It is unlined and made of blend of polyester and cotton at a ratio of 11:9, which has balanced benefits of both polyester and cotton. By the way, this Trompe l’oeil window art curtains are machine washable too.

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