Tulip Photoreal PEVA Vinyl Shower Curtain

If you are away from window treatments for a while, you would find that nowadays the color schemes and designs of floral curtains are much different to those you are familiar in the old days. Take a look at this tulip Photoreal PEVA vinyl shower curtain made by Maytex Mills, probably you will see what I mean. If you are looking for something alike for remodeling your bathroom, this one is highly recommended too.

tulip shower curtain

Assume that floral prints are one of your favorite styles. You definitely are interested in knowing more detail about this Photoreal tulip shower curtain, aren’t you? OK, according to the description from the manufacturer, this item features print of two large white graphic tulips based on the black background. Tulip and rose are the most used two flowers on bedding designs. People love it because tulip stands for perfect love. And its whole image, the velvety black center wrapped by the petals, is also meaningful – a lover’s heart is cuddled by the warmth of passion. It is being conveyed so much love, no wonder tulip pattern is used so often on a variety of household items.

Floral prints were once one of the most popular patterns in window treatments, particularly in rustic or country themes curtains. But later somehow they were phasing out slowly because the vivid color schemes are too gaudy, which seem behind on the trends. However, gone are the days when floral prints were being marginalized from the mainstream. And this pattern remakes itself and announces its return now by adding more trendy elements.

Take this black and white tulip shower curtain by Maytex Mills as an example. It discards the conventional stereotype – typically featuring bright and colorful flowers like rose or floral arrangements on the white backdrop. Instead, it adopts new designs to add the chic elements while keeping the traditional essence. Look, this item is using the updated neutral color schemes of black and white. The most appealing part is that the tulip flowers are full of details, just like the photo in high pixels.

In the meantime, this is also a PEVA curtain, as its name suggested, is make of 100-percent PEVA, which stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate. Do you notice that there is also a vinyl here? Actually it is a completely different story. Unlike its PVC or vinyl counterparts, this is kind of copolymer of EVA and polyethylene, which is often used to replace vinyl in manufacturing shower curtains. So, what is the reason why PEVA is a better alternative? This is because PVC contains chlorine, which is toxic and likely to put you at risk of getting cancer. On the contrary, PEVA is environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable, chlorine free, and non-PVC. What’s more, it has what it takes to be an fabulous material for a good curtain for shower purpose – light weight, water tightness, and low cost.

Now this semi-sheer black waterproof Photoreal vinyl tulip shower curtain, 70″ wide x 72″ long, is available on Amazon.com at a very cheap price because of big discounts being offered. Click here for today’s price and more customer reviews now!

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