Van Gogh Starry Night Shower Curtain

Van Gogh’s The Starry Night is a well-known art work. But do you know how popular it is? Overstockart ever counted the number of top 10 best sold painting copies over the last ten years. It turns out that the Starry Night is the bestseller, followed by another Van Gogh’s work – The Night Café. The statistics would be even more breathtaking if other relevant commodities are taken into account, like posters, wallpaper, bedding, shirt, and more. If you love this painting so much that would like to see it even during bathing, this Starry Night shower curtain by CafePress is one of your best choices.

van gogh shower curtain

This item, available in size of 69″ x 70″ only, is very popular recently because of its high quality and vibrant colors. To make it keep the benefits of 100% polyester while improving its drawbacks, it has been softened in an advanced way. That is to say, this synthetic fabric resembles those cotton polyester blend but at a much lower price. It has strong tension strength, with less prone to wrinkles and not easily to shrink after wash. More importantly, it is very comfortable to touch since being softened.

Since this is a curtain featuring The Starry Night, please allow me introducing a little bit about this work here. Actually this painting was created behind a miserable story in September 1888. At that time Van Gogh suffered the intermittent dementia and admitted to the sanitarium at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. He lost all his faith about the world and the humanity. After all, as the one with the biggest impact among all Van Gogh’s works, the tension, created by his rough and messy touch, can make you feel that there is one kind of unnamed flowing mood in that small town under the starry sky. When staring at the picture, it can always reach the deepest spot of your heart and soul.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Van Gogh shower curtain. This item is available now on at a very reasonable price. Don’t miss it and it can spark you even in the bathroom.

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