Velvet Blackout Curtain Panel by Maytex

Are there any better ways to keep the bedroom cool during summer and warm during winter? Apparently air conditioner is not an option here. To keep your electricity bills as low as possible, you have to find out other viable methods. Have no idea at all? Seemingly blackout curtain panel could be the way to go for you. I have been frequently asked to give ideas on window treatments, especially about blackout curtains these days. Choosing a right window covering is the one totally worth your efforts, and at least it is capable of cooling down your rooms to a certain extent if done properly. If you do use a advice from me right now, Well, this velvet blackout curtain panel by Maytex looks pretty good.

velvet blackout curtains

First off, let’s see what its manufacturer is saying about this product.

This Maytex velvet blackout panel, 40″ wide x 84″ long, adopts 100-percent cotton as the fabric. A curtain is of high quality or not, after all, is subject to what fabric it is made of. That is to say, it has that potential to be an excellent one. To be specific, this is kind of velvet fabric, which is known for its luxury feeling. More than that, it looks rich and elegant, with the extra merits of a soft and sensual hand.

In the traditional impressions, velvet tends to be in black color, but this item is being offered with a few different solid color options – black, red, chocolate, and olive. This is important to your house redecoration and you can choose the right one to make it consistent to your original style.

Since being blackout curtain panels, it has to be energy efficient. This one seems one step ahead by this rod pocket construction, which makes it more efficient on performance on blocking light, cold, and heat. As a matter of fact, thanks to its better fabric and optimum design, this heavy drapery panel is able to prevent any light from coming through once having it closed. What’s more, the extra benefit is that the thermal liner is sturdy enough to stand more wearing out.

Mind you, this item is far from perfect. It has a few things to be complained. It is narrow and a little bit stiff so that it is not as graceful as you expect it to be. But the remedy is also really simple – order one more will be just fine. Another drawback is that it is suitable dry clean, and wash is not recommended. This might cause inconvenience for you if you are really busy.

Anyway, they are anything but the best velvet blackout curtains. Think about the low price tag and the excellent performance available, and owing to such a better price/performance ratio you have to admit this one by Maytex Mills is still quite good for you to have it hung on your bedroom windows. Where to buy such a item of high quality yet at a low price? Here is a good news for you – now big discount is being offered for Maytex drapes on Click here for more customer reviews now!

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