Vinyl Bathroom Window Curtains

Due to closely connected to toilet, bathroom is the place normally perceived as an unhygienic place by many people. But a place like that can also become hygienic and inviting with proper and thoughtful design. Unfortunately, bathroom window treatments are often overlooked in the whole scheme. If you are looking for a good remedy, choosing vinyl bathroom window curtains is the simplest approach that you just can’t go wrong with. A high quality one is in a position of not only adding visually appealing to your bathing room but also imparting a healthy mode of life to your family.

vinyl window curtain for shower

These vinyl window curtains, supplied by Carnation Home Fashions, measures 72″ W x 45″ L in pair. Apparently this is a short curtain, but long enough for covering the standard window sills. Design like that takes consideration of the specific condition in lavatories – the floors usually gather a great deal of mixture of waste from human body and used water, which is supposed to be carried away through sinks but failed for some reason. Hence, shorter curtain bathtub window curtain is preferred for not to touch the floor.

This item is made of 100% PVC, or heavy 5 gauge vinyl material, to be specific. Since the bathroom is usually a quite damp place, especially right after your bath or shower, vinyl bathroom window curtain is the best possible fabric you can choose from on account of numerous optional patterns and colors available, such as black, white, bone, tea rose, jade, frost clear, and super clear. Once hung it on your bathroom windows, it will just jazz your drab bathroom up tremendously. More than that, you can choose the sheer or thicker one according to your situation requiring more light or privacy.

As mentioned earlier, bathrooms are the place where is vulnerable to the fungal and mildew due to high humidity from your warm bath. Hence, these moisture and sewage are the notorious hotbed for rapid growth of them. Unlike others made of cotton, a vinyl window curtain for shower can minimize the favorable condition for mold growth, or expose them as early as possible once they creep up to your curtain. More importantly, the removal becomes easier with the vinyl window curtains – what you need to do is just wiping it with mild cleaning agent.

Most bathrooms, if not all, come with small windows for circulating new air and allowing sun light coming through. But in order to protect your privacy and turn your bathing room into a more pleasant place to be free from mildew menace, vinyl bathroom window curtains, especially this one offered by Carnation Home Fashions, are strongly suggested. What’s more, it can dress up your shower room with a new touch you want it to be looked.

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