Cheapest Vinyl Burgundy Magnetic Shower Curtain Liner with Grommets

Shelling out a higher cost is not always true. If you are lucky enough, you would come across the desirable item at very cheap price. Unfortunately, it won’t happen very often. If now you are in the market for the cheapest liner for your bathroom, here is great news for you – the 100 % Vinyl Burgundy Magnetic Shower Curtain Liner with Grommets, made by RL Plastics, is currently on sale.

100 % Vinyl Burgundy Magnetic Shower Curtain Liner with Grommets, Mildew and Water Resistant Standard Size 70

From the description above, you may already realize that this is a grommet style liner, measuring 70″ X 72″. That is to say, it is equipped with sleek metal grommets, which is a really good addition to your shower thanks to its contemporary touch. If combined with the metal rings, the result would be much better. What’s more, grommet style is known for its easy operation and that’s why it is so poplar these days.

This is a heavy duty vinyl liner. In other words, it is made of 100% vinyl. But you might not know this – the material is 0.09 mm thick, which make it durable enough to stand harsh condition. As you know, bathroom is humid and warm. Mildew just love place like that and will grow like a weed once landing. However, you may rest assured with this item because it is immune to water and mildew.

This is also a shower curtain liner with magnets. The importance of the design of weighted magnets at the base is obvious – they help secure the shower curtain in place so that you can enjoy your bath without the interruption halfway.

Not all liners are always white and clear. They can be colorful too, If you prefer burgundy color, this one is going to stylize your bathroom with the touch you want.

It is heavy duty, mold and water resistant, and stylish. So, what else could you really ask for in a shower curtain liner priced less than 3 dollars?

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