What Color Curtains Go With Purple Walls?

Purple is a delicate color, which is always associated with infinitely romance. That is why it is often used in home decor. Fond as you are of this mysterious color, next you are going to fret about the problem which curtains and furnishing should go with this romantic touch. To be honest, this color is a tricky one to be well matched. To make the walls look more harmonious in your color scheme, the right curtains do matters. So, what color curtains go with purple walls? The following are some excellent designs for your reference.

If it is a living room, the cotton fabric curtains with checkered pattern would be a nice pick, which will add the crowning touch to your room decoration. And it will be even better if complemented with black floor, brown furniture, patterned carpet, and Chinese ceramics.

The combination of eccentric and kitsch, and purple and yellow tends to give your living room a flickering accent. You can choose curtains with stylish candy-colored stripes, which make the whole space full of baroque elegance against the purple backdrop.

If your bedroom is with dark purple walls, the benefit is that it can make you feel like being in the sea of lavender flowers all the time. In this case, curtains and bedding in solid color is the perfect match. The deep and light mixture has a touch of elegance you are dreaming for.

If it is a bathroom, curtains and floor in light tone are preferred. On top of that, combined with the white sanitary ware, they can add up the light shade of purple in the bathroom. Compared to the employment of bold colors, this is some sort of low-key statement you would fall in love with soon because it is very suitable to purple in nature.

If you love this color so much that you couldn’t resist the impulse to paint your walls purple, hopefully the above ideas can be of help to you. Finally, it’s important to note that these are my personal opinions only, and please take them with a pinch of salt.

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