What Color Curtains with Gray Walls?

The main purpose of using gray in home decor is to create a style that is modern, concise, and spacious. The typical practice is combining gray walls with a lot of materials with hard, smooth surface. If you are fond of more color ideas for living room or bedroom, you are certain to be of interest to what color curtains go with gray walls. As you may know, curtains play an important role in your whole plan of home decoration.

Gray belongs to the intermediate color theoretically, which means it is neither warm nor cool color, but somewhere in between the two tones. In theory intermediate color can be used for matching any colors. That is to say, it adapts well to any warm, cool, or intermediate colors, including this color itself. But according to our years of experience, the following are the most represented options.

Gray blue refers to the gray closing to darker blue, a little cooler than gray. If you prefer your living room or bedroom with a solemn, serious touch, that is the best bet you can make to match your gray walls. Of course, beside curtains, any items with similar color, including coffee table, lampshade, and bedding, could be a nice choice.

White is colorless, namely mixing no other colors. However, that is the exact reason why white symbolizes the pure, clean, and flawless quality. White curtains or other furnishing can light up the rooms with gray walls, and meanwhile prevent the entire space falling into gloom. Hence, your bedroom would look more inviting and romantic.

Black is the collection of all colors. As you know, black hole is bottomless and ready to devour everything around. No doubt the combination of black and gray is the most calm and low-key style. If you are single male businessman, chances are that you would choose such design to highlight your temperament as a tough guy or a wolf.

Red is the one that can grab all the attentions. The pairing with gray is the outward expression of the passion for love in the depth of a calm and low-pitched heart. You can identify easily the degree of the inner struggle from the proportion of red and gray.

Compared to white, beige has the silky softness, which is perfect for bedroom decor. If you are fascinated by gray and at the same time hoping to have the attractive and comfortable atmosphere, the beige bed, bedding, and curtains would be a great addition.

The organic integration of black and white is the model of a modern home. Like a silhouette, black and white pattern restores to the true nature by losing the cover of colors. There is nothing simpler than that. No matter they are the curtains with black and white mosaic patterns or floral textures, rooms with gray walls can reflect the true meaning of modern minimalist due to the perfect match.

As for what color curtains go with grey walls, now you must have already got your answer, mustn’t you? No matter you want to keep the passion and warmth or jump into the world of grey remorselessly, it is up to you now!

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