What Color Curtains with Orange Walls?

Color scheme is one of the decisive factors on successful home decor. If you have determined orange as the dominant color in your whole decoration design, orange color walls will be undoubtedly an inexorable selection to you. No matter it is light orange wall paint or burnt orange wall paint adopted, you have to figure out what color curtains go with orange walls in the end.

This is simply because curtains are going to take up a lot of area in your rooms, just like walls do. And curtains will be most likely to conflict with the color you choose for the walls. Now since there are no real visual effects here, you are required to use a little bit of your imagination to comprehend the following proposals. So, are you ready?

Your curtains and other furnishing can be in red or in black. As one of the brightest colors, red is good at creating festive, auspicious atmosphere in your rooms. And black is one of the most classic colors in home decor thanks to its touch of calm and feeling of hard, heavy and thick. The joining of red and black will complement the orange space greatly. On the one hand, it enhances the visual feel of the entire space. On the other hand, it accents the touch of security as a home.

Black and white is also one of advisable options. As the most common color scheme in modern interior design, it is also one of classical collocations these days. As a result, the black and white furniture or curtains can add plenty of hues, as well as warmth and happiness, to the orange room.

Yellow drapes give a bright and airy feeling. Matching with orange walls can feed the room with full of vitality. This match is an excellent choice for you too, in particular if you are decorating a kid’s room.

Light color curtains, like white or beige, are another perfect partner you can give it a try. Actually orange and white are widely used in today’s home and restaurant decorations. As the eternal classic, white is the easiest matching color, which will definitely induce your appetite if going with the vitality from orange.

In fact, there is no such thing as a definite answer to what color curtains go with orange walls because everyone has its different definition of aesthetics and sensory requirement. But here is a small reminder for you – orange is a color that can produce dynamic and warmth, but too much of it would bore you to death. So, picking fitting curtains and furniture for an orange room is very relevant to your successful home decor.

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