What Color Curtains with Red Walls?

Red is often considered as joy, good luck, elegance, and good taste. No wonder this color is frequently used in high-end hotels, luxury villa, and even imperial palace. People love to associate it with success and high quality of life of celebrities. If the red color walls fascinate you and you are planning to go for it, you’d better think it over the color scheme now, especially what color curtains go with red walls. This makes sense since both of them are the major objects you would pay attention to once entering the living room or bedroom. In other words, to some extent their harmony determines the final result of your home decor.

When it comes to what color curtains look good with red walls, actually it comes down to the issue of colour assortment. This basically means that you can change the curtains and walls here to any items you are of interest.

When red appears alone, it tends to give somewhat hint of dignity, but in a limited degree. In terms of how to better express the idea of the designer on the angle of color matching, it is inevitable to figure out what color would go best with red. And the following ideas are derived from our experience and this is for your reference only.

Red and black has long been the best partner, from costume to home decoration. They always appear in pairs in a lot of occasions. This match is deemed as the perfect fusion between sensibility and rationality, as well as between passion and calm. And the blending of both sublimates a brand new feel of being noble and splendid.

To be honest, not all regular home improvements live up to the level of distinguished luxury. Red seems useless in most ordinary houses. But this is not true and any home can look good with red walls. The best yet simplest choice is the white curtains, which is capable of expanding the space visually. Meanwhile the poised red walls dominate the entire space’s atmosphere on the border. Hence, both comfort and luxury are given equal considerations.

The merge of red and gold, perhaps, is the most luxurious color matching in the world. Think about the most common practice of tying gold jewelry with red cord in some countries and you can infer the similar luxury touch from combining red walls with gold curtains. And the result will be even more prominent if they are velvet curtains.

Red walls tend to be bold and high-key. If you are in favor of the natural feeling instead, it is an advisable idea to couple them with scrim fabric sofa and wood color curtains. By doing so, the colors complement and neutralize each other simultaneously.

Paring between different warm colors can also meet your different expectations. For example, how about the red walls combine with the pale yellow drapes? This match enhances the noble, luxurious touch in your bedroom while retaining the brightness. So, why not give it a shot if possible?

Red walls are the common option, especially in the red theme home decor. If you want to find out the best color curtains for red walls, imagination is not enough. Everything must be only done then been understood profoundly. Take action now and you will find your own best answer to it.

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