What Color Curtains with Yellow Walls

What color curtains go with yellow walls? This is one of the questions I am asked most frequently in the past years about color scheme on home decor. Actually there is no such a cookie cutter answer to this question at all. It varies from house to house, design to design. In other words, you have to choose the right one according to your specific situations and based on your personal preference.

However, you can follow some proven conventional rules, with which at least you won’t botch up your home decor easily. But if you want it to be unique and personalized, you’d better think out of the box and find for yourself. Of course, trial and error does require before you locate the right solution. But your effort and patience will pay off in a long time to come, if not entire life, of better house to live in.

In terms of living rooms with yellow walls, light purple or blue is one of the best colors that go with yellow walls according to my personal experience. They are the perfect match and complement to each other. But it still depends on the style of your house and the shades. Generally there are three possible scenarios – pale yellow, bright yellow, and orange yellow. The pale yellow is suitable for light blue curtains, which tend to add the Mediterranean-style touch to your room, namely the so-called pastoral style. As a matter of fact, natural garden style has become an important trend in today’s interior designs. The bright yellow goes well with brightly colored curtains, which is likely to put in a lit lively atmosphere. If the yellow is inclined to orange, the pairing with milk white will make it appears more elegant.

As for the bedroom with yellow walls, this is largely a matter of taste. So don’t be too concerned about what others think of your design. This is your own private space and this is all about your preference to choose what color drapes to match with. Yellow is one member of warm colors, which will result in visual fatigue especially when it dominates the color of the room. Blending with appropriate purple can relieve the monotony and neutralize the visual balance simultaneously. Curtains are dynamic items and need to open and shut from time to time. With a touch of purple, they will look even more elegant. Furthermore, purple coordinates yellow. That is to say, they seldom conflict to each other. You can rest assured to use them in your home decor.

Finally, I will be proud to tell you my house was just renovated. And the colors used are exactly the same as mentioned above. I chose the light green fabric sofa together with light green curtains, and the final effect is very satisfied. As far as my bedroom, I picked the purple curtains to match the beige walls and white ceiling. As a result it turns out to be really amazing. It is, so to speak, greater than what I had expected on them.

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