White Blackout Curtains

In the mind’s eye of most, if not all, blackout curtains must be in dark colors and made of heavy and tightly woven fabric. That is not true! Actually beige or white blackout curtains are also widely used in window treatments these days. Compared to deep colors, light version has a lot of added benefits. To say the least, by no means you will go wrong with white in your home décor. However, not all blackout curtains in white out there can do the job for you. When it comes to choose a good curtain, you really need to keep your eyes open.

white blackout drapes

Luckily, the Best Home Fashion has launched a diverse selection of beige or white Solid Grommet Top Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains for you. If you ever heard about this company, you won’t be surprised the fact that why these products are being highly recommended currently. Or you can check them out on Amazon.com, where tons of good reviews were generously given.

Firstly, this is a white blackout curtain, measuring 104-inch Wide by 84-inch Long in set. Literally as its name suggests, it is in white color, opposite of black. This color has long been deemed as the symbol of cleanliness, lightness, perfection, and the good. Window covering, to some degree, determines the basic tone of your whole home décor. Likewise, color defines a variety of aspects of your curtains. A few things need to be considered before your final decision, such as the amount of light, indoor weather control, the whole layout of your house, the compatibility of other ornaments, and more. This is a no easy job in terms of choosing a satisfied drape. But there is one exception – natural colors, which can be your best bet as it tend to be tolerant to the mistakes you are going to make soon on decoration. As previously noted, the fabric and color should be both heavy for a better blackout effect. But this design has its own drawback – deep versions is most likely faded from exposure to sun lights and frequent wash. But white is much different – it, even though faded, remains what it is. What’s more, this color is usually believed as very eye-catching, which can make a sharp contrast to the shade of rest furnishing. As a result, it greatly enhances the lighting, as well as the aesthetics.

Secondly, these are also thermal blackout curtains. The meanings here are twofold – it is thermal or insulated and also blackout. These two functions are often combined because of practical needs, but not always. The original intention of adding blackout function is to block out the light in daytime since normal fabric is not competent to do so. This feature is great help to those desire odd times of sleep, for example in the morning, such as parents having baby, the graveyard shift, pupils attending night classes, photographers, and more. Owing to the cutting edge fabric construction adopted by the manufacturer, these white drapes with blackout feature is able to prevent 99.9% of sunlight and 100% of ultraviolet ray from peeking into your room. At the same time these also are energy efficient curtains. It allows you to save big money on your electric bill by maintaining cool in room as a result of blocking the outside heat and keep air conditioning at bay during hot summer days, and by stopping the cold draught outside and keep heat intact inside during frigid seasons. Further, they scale down sounds so that your sleep is free from disturbing.

Thirdly, the length does matter. This is because the length of your white blackout drapes can make or break your whole home décor. Currently the main standard lengths are 63, 84, and 95 inches, namely half, full, and extra-long length. Choose the right one according to your specific situation. Normally 63 inches fits for your bedroom and 84 inches for your kitchen or sitting room. But please keep in mind that it is not always the same and apply this principle with some adjustment.

As stated above, beige or white blackout curtains have extra benefits on home décor. No wonder these days curtains in natural colors are one of the best sellers. Another surprise for you, currently the Best Home Fashion is offering big discounts on this item at Amazon.com. Click here for latest price and more buyers’ reviews now!

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